Hero has launched the long-awaited 2020 Hero Xtreme 160R. The bike is priced at Rs 99,950 (ex-showroom Delhi) for the base variant. Know all about this bike and also find out what makes this bike so special in its segment.

2020 Hero Xtreme 160R Price and Variants

2020 Hero Xtreme 160R

You can buy the 2020 Hero Xtreme 160R in 2 variants. The single-channel ABS version with front disc brake option is the base model. It is introduced at a price of Rs 99,950 (ex-showroom Delhi). Whereas the other variant is too a single-channel ABS set up with dual Disc brakes. This is priced at Rs 1,03,500. The dispatch of this bike has already begun and customers can test ride it at hero showrooms soon.

Why so special?

2020 Hero Xtreme 160R

As this bike was on the radar since it’s unveiled at the Hero World 2020 event a lot of specifications have come forward. The Specs are not that groundbreaking but claim this bike to have great power to weight ratio. Rather the best in class. The 0-60 km/h in 4.7 seconds also say that the acceleration is brisk and the with a kerb-weight of 138.5 kg will this bike be a great bike?
The delay for the launch of this bike was obviously because of the Coronavirus outbreak and the nationwide lockdown to curb that. Hero also has to launch the BS6 model of the Xpulse 2020. Now the question that this bike has arisen is that why is the cost so high for a 160cc bike? As you can see the other 200cc bikes that Hero has put in its lineup are across the same range. So is it that this bike will have the performance equal to that of the other 200cc bike or are the 200cc bike underpriced because of their lack of performance.
All the above-mentioned question will be answered but only after the First Ride of the 2020 Hero Xtreme 160R. Do watch the complete walkaround of the vehicle when it was first unveiled.

Hero’s Word

Referring to the launch of the 2020 Hero Xtreme 160R, Malo Le Masson, Head of Global Product Planning, Hero MotoCorp said,

“The Hero Xtreme 160R is a real Head-turner, cat like agility with power to weight ratio of a street racer, and tech-loaded with segment first features like the all LED package. This modern street fighter is targeting to win the urban race. With this latest model, we are now offering a compelling and competitive line-up of premium motorcycles, from Street Naked to Sport with the Xtreme 200S, from Adventure with XPulse 200 to casual Touring with the XPulse 200T.”

2020 Hero Xtreme 160R

This bike competes with the Suzuki Gixxer and the Apache RtR 160 4V. These bikes are clearly heavy and have a similar kind of power figures. The real test of the Hero Xtreme will be when it is put to test head to head to these bikes.

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