Toyota, the leading global car manufacturer recently patented a new car technology in the USA.  With this pandemic forcing private transport to increase, the world may soon adopt the EV route completely. As a result, every manufacturer wants to have a stand-out feature to make it apart from the crowd. Find more about Toyota patents new technology on MotorOctane.

What is the patent about?

Toyota Patent-02 Toyota patents new technology

What if you get a car that can slide sideways into a parallel parking spot? No need to turn multiple times. That is what Toyota is planning to accomplish in the near future.  Toyota’s patent shows all the four wheels turning laterally to allow side-ways movement.  The wheels can also rotate to permit zero turning radius and diagonal movements.

Each wheel has its own special hub motor attached to it inside the body of the car. It helps facilitating 360-degree turns.  The images in the patent show in detail how each wheel is moved to a structure to allow for a wide-angle of rotation like an office chair. The patent also describes how turn signals can be utilized for new movement angles as well.

Toyota Patent-01 Toyota patents new technology

Even if everything sounds like a sci-fi movie now, we may soon see the patent in application in the real world. Break-through achievements in the automobile sector are all the buzz now and startups are being promoted too.

Future of EVs

Customers are looking ahead to the future and the rise of Tesla is a proof of this. Every car manufacturer has adopted the EV route and launched at least one prototype model. India too currently has 3 fully EV vehicles: The Hyundai Kona Electric, Tata Nexon EV  and MG ZS EV.

Nexon Vs Kona Vs ZS

Toyota being a global brand does not want to stand back and watch. It has applied the above-mentioned patent with the USPTO( the United States Patent and Trademark Office). This technology is still in the developmental stage but may become a blessing to the customers soon of urban areas. 

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