Nissan, the Japanese car manufacturer present in has not been doing quite well in the recent time. Nissan Micra, Nissan Terrano and Nissan Kicks are some of its previously launched cars.  While the three cars were launched between a very long span of time, none were market-beaters. Currently, Nissan only sells the Kicks and Nissan GTR in India. While Renault, Nissan’s sister brand has been doing quite well in the domestic market, the same unfortunately can be said for Nissan too. Find more details about Nissan increasing operations India below

Announcement of new strategy by Nissan

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Recently Nissan announced its new in-detail strategy for the coming four-years for Africa, India and Middle-East (AIM). The company has decided to do so under its Global Transformation Plan.  The plan focuses on bringing core models and technologies to the region that accounts for around 10% of Global Automotive Market (AIM). This will be a welcome move for the brand and may save it from its doom. The company also promised to build its co-operation with its sister brands: Renault and Mitsubishi.

New vehicles 

New Nissan Magnite Nissan increase operations India

Nissan currently is looking at launching 8 new cars over the four year period. Nissan plans to utilize its existing manufacturing presence in India,  Egypt and Nigeria and improve them.  AIM will follow the Global Transformation Plan as announced by Makoto Uchida, CEO, Nissan.

SUVs and affordable sedans will be manufactured for all these developing countries. With SUVs selling like hot cakes in India, this will be a smart move by Nissan.  All the cars are rumoured to be launched in the B-segment.

Present and Future after Nissan increasing operations India


The global pandemic has forced automakers to launch new ways to sell cars and Nissan will follow the same.  Innovative e-power technology, connected solutions like Alexa and digitalization will play major roles in improving customer experience according to Nissan. Nissan will also only have joint status in India, unlike the other countries. 

Highlights about Nissan Magnite

renault kriger spyshots (7) Nissan increase operations India

Both the Nissan Magnite and Renault Kriger are pretty much the same car with different manufacturers. Both of them are based on Renault’s CMF-A+ modular platform. A new 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine will be powering both the cars. The same engine will also be available in the updated Renault Triber. The engine may also produce a maximum power output of 95bhp and a peak torque of 150Nm. The engine’s internal codename is HR10 and no official details are available as of now.

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