Safety has become one of the major selling points of major cars. With Indian manufacturers giving adequate importance to safety, Kia, too wants to prove that it is not behind the pack. In an effort to entice new customers, Kia performed a very unusual crash test of Kia Carnival, its best-selling MPV. Find more details about Kia Carnival vertical crash below.

Details about Kia Carnival vertical crash test

Kia Carnival Crash test


First of all, the test was not performed in India. Both the test car and location belonged to New Zealand. However, the Indian version of the Kia Carnival MPV is quite similar to its global counterpart. As a result, we want to share some details with you.


Kia Carnival Crash test

The MPV was dropped vertically from a height of 42feet or 12.6 meters.  The car was lifted up by the help of a crane. The surface angle was flat 90 degree so it’s quite an unusual condition. When the car was released, the speed at the time of impact was 56 km/hr.  In the video, you can clearly see that the crumple zones have taken the brunt of the impact. Only the front bumper and bonnet was affected.

The black window tint of the test car does not provide any interior views but a different test on the same car shows immediate airbag deployment.

Conclusion about Kia Carnival vertical crash test.

Kia Carnival Crash test

While the test was highly courageous, Kia did not show the after-effects of the impact, fully. After the car impacts the ground, gravity will make the car fall on its roof. Whether passenger will be safe then or not is not very clear. The structural strength of the roof was never completely shown during the test. The same test conditions are highly unlikely in real life unless the car falls from a mountain peak or you decide to jump your MPV from a plane like Fast and Furious 7. The test did prove that Kia is not compromising in terms of safety, but this test was more of an advertisement material.


Kia Carnival body details

The next-generation Kia Carnival may launch soon in the global markets. Launch in India is expected only after 2022 first quarter.  The current generation Kia Carnival is priced between Rs.24.95 lakh to Rs.33.95 lakh.  Both diesel and petrol engines are available on offer. The premium MPV is available in 7/8/9 seat layout options.

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