Kia, the global car-manufacturer recently announced that it has launched a new intelligent Manual Transmission. It will be used in 48V mild-hybrid versions of Kia Creed and Rio hatchback. Kia will also include it in Xceed crossover and launch the transmission in India too if needed.

What is intelligent Manual Transmission?

Kia iMT kia intelligent manual transmission

The straightforward answer to this question is it is basically a manual transmission. You have a clutch, gears and everything else as a conventional manual transmission. Intelligent manual transmission only has electronic linkage contrary to mechanical ones in the manual.

Why do you use intelligent Manual Transmission?

Volkswagen Ameo gear lever

Kia confirms that the new intelligent Manual Transmission improves fuel-efficiency. It also reduces emissions by up to 2+ percent. Though this Is not a very big difference, but when all cars are taken into consideration, the number becomes quite large. You can use the intelligent Manual Transmission if you are learning manual for the first time or driving stick after a very long time. The iMT matches your engine performance to gears, thus providing jerk-free shifts and smooth ride.

Current application of Kia’s iMT

Kia Rio sedan front

The iMT has been R&D at Hyundai Germany. Kia has made this transmission specifically for the European market. But as Manual transmissions are still quite popular in India, we do expect this to feature in Kia Cars in upcoming years.

Indian Arrival?

Kia Sonetkia intelligent manual transmission

The iMT may not come to India anytime soon. If it is a success in the global markets, Kia Sonet the Hyundai Creta and MG Hector rival will feature the iMT when launched. iMTs have been a part of global markets since a very long time and sold a lot in the USA. You can expect Rs.40,000-50,000 increase in price due to this transmission. 

As of now, this technology sounds expensive and the returns out of it are not that reciprocating. This might not go down with the current buying behaviour of where Value for Money has highest priority. We will keep you updated with more updates on this topic. Stay subscribed to our Youtube channel and follow us on Google News, Facebook, Telegram and Twitter.


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