The Royal Enfield is a brand in the country that has been synonymous to biking. How has Royal Enfield achieved this position? Why is the Royal Enfield Classic a Dream bike of so many people?

Status Symbol

Royal Enfield Interceptor (5)

The Royal Enfield offers a kind of status to the owner. Specifically, the Royal Enfield Classic makes for a good looking retro bike which comes with some modern colours. It has a notion of being royal and macho attached to it. These things hardly matter on the highway but then if you think, who is watching you on the highway anyway. It is when the bike is in the parking lot or as you remove the cover, that is when the audience is watching you.


Royal Enfield Custom

The Customisation that can be done on the Royal Enfield Classic is endless. The bike has remained unchanged for years. This has led to a lot of third-party accessories for the bike. Every Royal Enfield Classic owner can be the artist of his own bike. From LED headlamps to custom seats, everything on a Royal Enfield Classic can be changed to suit the riders preference. The Customisation also includes silencers which are totally another topic to talk about.

Signature Thump

The Thump on every Royal Enfield from the Factory is the same. But some of the owners add their own touch to it. Although aftermarket exhaust in most cases is illegal but there is a huge market of exhausts for the Royal Enfield Classic. In my opinion, a loud exhaust on a single-cylinder bike does not appeal to the ear and act as a mental rev limiter. The harshness of those exhausts in the top end is unbearable and the rider has to let off the throttle then compromise his hearing.


Royal Enfield 1935

If you look at the Royal Enfield Classic’s price which is Rs 1.59 lakhs then you might start looking for things which show value for money and at a point, you will feel that other bikes do offer a far better package. This is where the longevity comes in. A Royal Enfield Classic is a very bike that you can pass from generation to generation. This has been the case with other bikes like the bullet. It is a bike that one can buy and keep it cherishing for years.

Easy of Riding

The Royal Enfield might be a heavy bike, but it’s fairly easy to ride for beginners. The clutch is heavy but it has an easy merging action. With loads of torque on offer from low rpm, the bike becomes easy to ride. Although there is no gear indicator you can pull it in a gear higher also. All these features make the Royal Enfield Classic a bike which makes riding less of a task and the ride more pleasurable.

Royal Enfield Classic Training

To sum it up, the Royal Enfield Classic is loved more for the effortless riding pleasure it offers than just the bike itself. All the above-mentioned points are not technical but they appeal to a larger set of audience who will use the bike as a utility majority of the time but does not want to miss out on the part of owning a good bike.

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