Hyundai has got good success with the Hyundai Kona in the Indian EV market. Although the success might be in terms of numbers the car is priced high as it is a CKD unit. There are a very handful of takers for this environment-friendly car and they all might not be willing to pay that big sum when you have competitors like the Tata Nexon EV. The company has decided to work on this and there is a report that a Hyundai Nexon EV competition is underway for India.

Made for the World In India

S S Kim, MD and CEO, Hyundai Motor India said that they are developing a mass-market EV which will be affordable for Indian Customers. The more interesting part of this was that they also said that the car will be made in India and will be exported later to other similar markets. This Hyundai Nexon EV competition is expected in the next two year.

Hyundai Nexon EV competition

Being a made in India it will be easier for Hyundai to price it lower and attract more customers on the basis of its low price tag.

Why Nexon EV Competition?

Calling this a Hyundai Nexon EV Competition is very apt. This car will be made in India. It is expected to get a range of 300 Km. The price is expected to be under Rs 15 lakhs. All these are the key points for which the Nexon EV is known.

Not only that but like the Nexon EV this car too will have the same platform and Chassis which will support the EV as well as conventional engine setup. Also to add Hyundai is looking at a Hybrid setup which might offer the best of both worlds.

How will India Benefit?

The main benefit of having the Hyundai Nexon EV competition will be a local production. The car will provide competition to a local manufacturer which will, in turn, benefit the customer. Also, this will remove the range anxiety that the electric cars have associated with them. As there are plans of localization of this car Hyundai will have to set up a battery manufacturing plant in India and we can expect more electric cars in the future. This will be like the basis for any future development and the Indians will benefit as the taxes on import will cut down.

Hyundai Nexon EV competition

The increasing number of manufacturers in the EV space shows that the EV shift is going to be an upcoming way and we will be getting a lot of interesting vehicles out of it. The only place where we need to develop as a country is the charging infrastructure. This will automatically deal with the problem of range anxiety. The Hyundai Nexon EV competition is still 2 years down the line but it will be surely stirring up the competition in the EV space. For now, we are expecting some under 10 Lakh EVs from the GWM Haval group. You can read more about it here. Also, there is news that Hyundai is working internationally on 3 new EVs.

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