The interiors of the new-generation 5 Series have been spotted by Andreas, who has shared these images with us. The new-generation 5 Series was on test at Nurburgring. The new-generation 5 Series that has been spotted is the Touring version. The interiors of the new 5 Series are derived from the new 7 Series. It gets the new-generation steering wheel and even the other controls are similar too. 

BMW 5 Touring 2


BMW 5 Touring 4The new 5 Series will be powered by a range of new three and four cylinder engines. There will be six-cylinders too, but it will be predominately the smaller petrol and diesel engines will be the volume sellers. The Indian market will also be getting the smaller engines as well. BMW will be introducing these new engines in the Indian car market as well. These new engines will make the difference as the new-generation 5 Series and 7 Series are lighter because of usage of aluminium and other alloys that make this new chassis much lighter than its predecessor. The engines that will be making it to India will be the 1.5-litre three cylinder petrol and diesel ones. The 5 Series will be making its way into India sometime in 2017. It will be making its debut in the European market, sometime next year.

BMW 5 Touring 7

BMW 5 Touring 9

BMW 5 Touring 6


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