In a market where SUV’s sell like hotcakes, every car manufacturer in the country is trying its best to offer at least one product in this segment. In India specifically compacts SUVs and medium-priced SUVs are all the glitter. Skoda tried to catch up by introducing the Skoda Kodiaq and now the Skoda Karoq. But isn’t the Skoda Karoq overpriced? Are there Skoda Karoq Rivals which make a value for money proposition.

The success of any Car in the Indian market you need to price it aggressively otherwise it won’t convince the masses. Although we know, the flagship cars from Skoda do not tend to hit this market but is it worth buying the Skoda Karoq at Rs 24.

99 lakhs (Ex-showroom). What else can you buy?

Price Competition

The high price of this car has attracted a lot of competition. Local Manufactures are able to provide the top variants of their car below the price of Skoda Karoq. So let us find out below what options you have if you want to buy an SUV around the price of Skoda.

Name Price
Skoda Karoq ₹25 lakh
Jeep Compass ₹16.49 to ₹ 25 lakh
Volkswagen T-Roc ₹20 lakh
Tata Harrier ₹13.69 to ₹ 20.26 lakh
Hyundai Tuscon ₹18.76 to ₹26.97 lakh
MG Hector ₹12.73 to ₹ 17,72 lakh
Hyundai Creta ₹9.99 to ₹ 17.2 lakh
Kia Seltos ₹9.89 to ₹ 17.34 lakh
Mahindra XUV 500 ₹13.19 to ₹ 17.69 lakh

Seeing the prices you can see only the top variant of Hyundai Tucson costs more than the Skoda Karoq. Every other car is available for a lot less money. Mind you every car in the above table is an SUV and not a Compact SUV or Crossover. Tata Nexon could also be included due to its safety features but being a Crossover was eliminated from the list.

Skoda Karoq rivals

Price is not the actual factor we are talking here. There are cars in this list which offers a lot more for a lot less. The value for money factor for this car is very low if we compare it to the above-mentioned car.

Skoda Karoq Rivals Engine

Name Mileage BHP Engine Capacity
Skoda Karoq NA 147.51 1498cc
Jeep Compass 17.1 km/l 173 1956cc
Volkswagen T-Roc NA 147.94 1498cc
Tata Harrier 17.00 km/l 167.67 1956cc
Hyundai Tuscon 18.42 km/l 182.46 1999cc
MG Hector 17.41 km/l 167.68 1956cc
Hyundai Creta 21.4 km/l 138 1497cc
Kia Seltos 20.8 km/l 138 1497cc
Mahindra XUV 500 15.1 km/l 152.87 2179cc

As the table above clearly shows Skoda Karoq is more on the higher end. Obviously due to the brand’s attention to details expect the ride quality to be super smooth and refined but if performance is your main criteria pass on the Skoda Karoq. The official mileage has still not been revealed for the Karoq but do not expect it to be a segment beater in this field too. The only thing that is missing on the Skoda Karoq rivals is the Skoda badge.


Skoda Karoq, Skoda Karoq rivals

Ok, so for whom is Skoda Karoq made. Of course, the new SUV made by Skoda ticks a lot of correct boxes and is an ideal choice if you are a Skoda fanboy or consider the brand to be more important than the price or value for money car. Buying the Karoq you will never get disappointed in terms of features, road presence, ride quality, comfort, and brand value. But if performance, space, and price are a major deciding factor for you, we would advise you to stay clear of this car. There are a lot of great Skoda Karoq Rivals available in the market under its price and offer much more practicality.


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