Honda has just launched the BS6 CD110 at Rs.64505 (Ex-showroom Delhi) . This is a significant price hike over the previous version. As a customer, this puts you in a spot. So if you want to buy a basic honda 2 wheeler then does this bike be your only option or does a Honda scooter for a few more bucks make more sense?

Price Difference?

Honda CD110

So if we take a look at the Honda BS6 lineup then the CD110 BS6 is priced at Rs.64505 (Ex-showroom Delhi).This the cheapest offering from Honda. But the Honda Dio and the Activa are 2 scooters in the lineup which are around the same price hike. The Honda Activa is priced at Rs.64464 (Ex-Showroom Delhi). So if we look at the price difference then it is only a few Rs 100.

Why buy a bike?

The Honda CD110 will be the most preferred by the people from the rural parts of the country. Having a bike offers more accessibility at places with broken roads. The bike has simple mechanics and is easier to maintain.

On the other hand, the scooter makes uses of a CVT gearbox and it involves more complex mechanics allowing it to be gearless. Also at places of steep gradient, the bike proves to be much easier than the scooter. The Honda CD 110 will have a better mileage over the scooter which will be a very big plus point in a rural scenario

Why buy a Scooter?

Having a scooter makes more sense in an urban scenario. A scooter gives the ease of riding in traffic. Being gearless it becomes hassle-free to drive in stop and go traffic. Also, the new 12-inch wheel on the Honda Activa 6G and its telescopic suspension has made it more comfortable on the pothole-ridden roads of the city.

Honda Activa 6G

Having a bike in this scenario does not have straight up downside but it is not very practical. Also, scooters offer storage space which makes them easier to live with. They are a bit low on mileage if driven at high speeds.

Honda Activa 6G

The Honda Activa is famous for its complete metal body and the classic corporate design it has. It does not have any fancy or sportiness. The Honda Dio caters to the customers looking for the fancy bit. The Activa 6G has, in this generation offered most of the comfort features that a scooter can. But it still misses out on a digital instrument cluster. It competes with the TVS Jupiter on which you can read more HERE

Honda Activa 6g

Honda CD110 BS6

The Honda CD110 BS6 is a bike and has wider acceptance in the rural regions. But there are other players like the Bajaj CT 110 which offers a lower price deal. Bajaj Platina which kill the competition by offering a 5speed transmission and a disc brake. The new and improved CD110 also gets the new Honda Engine tech which reduces friction and increases mileage. This does sound very technologically advance but the benefit that it passes on is not that significant.

In conclusion, if you want a two-wheeler under Rs 70,000 from Honda these are your options. They come with their own pros and cons. You have to decide your purpose for buying them and choose accordingly.


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