What will Bajaj Bring next? Will be a Pulsar RS 400 or a Pulsar RS 250. We think that the company will bring the RS 250. Ahead in the article, we explain to you why we expect the Pulsar RS 250 over the RS 400. But first, let’s take a look at the current Bajaj lineup

Baja Lineup

If we look at the higher segment of the current Bajaj Lineup there are bike right from 400cc. The Dominar is at the top with no other bike having a 400cc engine. This gives it a premium feel and if you want a bike from Bajaj that is premium then Dominar is the only one.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 250

If we take a look at the Pulsar Lineup there is a baby pulsar of 125cc right up to 220cc. Whereas in the sport series there are 2 bikes in every type. There is NS200 and RS200. Bajaj already launched the Dominar 250 which could be a naked sport version of 250cc. This leaves space for 2 bikes to join the lineup.

Why a Pulsar RS 250?

Having another bike along with the Dominar 400 will eat up into the sales of the bike. Instead the 250cc segment has more sales volume and is growing in competition. There are a lot of bike naked bikes in that segment but there is not a completely fared bike. The Honda CBR 250 is taken off the shelf for BS6 transition but there is no clarity if it will be back? Also the Fazer 25 has been discontinued because of poor sales and BS6. This makes the Pulsar RS 250 if introduced, the only fared 250cc bike in the segment.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 250

In the 400cc segment the buying behaviour shifts from economy to performance. The buyers will mostly go for the performance and there is no competition to the KTM Duke 390. Also the Apache RR 310 and the KTM RC 390 are 2 bikes which the Pulsar RS 400 will see as competition.

Pulsar RS 250 Expectations

The engine of the bike might be the same as the Dominar 250. The Pulsar RS 250 will take the same body and chassis from the Pulsar RS 200. This design is old but has the pulsar tag on it and will sell because of it. The company is expected to save R&D costs by keeping the design the same and just giving the bike a bigger engine. There might be an alteration to accommodate the bigger engine but there is already a lot of space on the chassis of the bike. The bike will have Dual Channel ABS for safety and the hardware bit will be carried over from the Dominar.

As for the price it is expected to be around Rs 1.8 lakhs if this bike makes it to production. As of now the bike is a speculatory product and there haven’t been any testing mules or leaks from the company to confirm its arrival. The Company has shown the Pulsar SS400 but that was translated into the Pulsar RS 400.

To conclude, Bajaj has not declared any sort of new product in the Pulsar or the Dominar lineup and we are expecting them to deal with the problem of dropped sales due to the Coronavirus crisis. The Pulsar RS250 is a bike that might be on their list but not as a priority right now.


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