Cruiser bikes are very fascinating bikes due to their unusual styling and stance. These bikes have a very big fan following in the western countries. Even the famous movie character, Ghostrider, uses the cruiser bike. However, in India, many of us have a concern about the city rideability and practicality of the bike. We think that anyone who is interested in long journeys and to explore new places should give the cruisers the first priority. But are they something that other buyers should also consider? We have 5 major reasons to convince you that these should be considered even if you are not a wanderlust!

1. Riding Position

Bajaj Avenger 220 Street

The key element that differentiates the cruiser from other motorcycles is its riding position. They have a very low seat height than the sports bike or a streetfighter. The handlebar are quite upswept and inclined towards the rear. The footpegs are also further than a normal bike which makes it a very relaxed bike. Cruising on highways feels like you are riding on a comfortable couch. You can surely travel long distance without strain on your legs, back and hands.

2. Range

Generally, a cruiser bike has a better range than the sports bike. They have bigger tank capacity which directly results in a better range. One of the popular cruiser bike in India, the RE Thunderbird 350, had a fuel tank capacity of 20-litres. A bigger tank means lesser fuel stops overall. This does add to the weight of the cruiser bike but that should not be much of a concern on the highway. On long trips, having a better range is never a bad thing!

Royal enfield thunderbird



3. Pillion Seat

Having a companion to travel with is as important as making them feel comfortable. Most of the cruiser bikes in India have a good pillion seat space and comfort. Almost all of the cruiser bikes do come with pillion backrest at least as an option. So both rider, as well as pillion, will enjoy the tour. One more benefit of having a pillion partner while touring is that you might be able to cover a long distance with fewer breaks, as you can exchange the positions and have less leg stretching breaks.

4. Engine

Now above were mostly functional for highway tours, however, we have to say that these bikes are comfortable in the city as well. Almost all the cruising bikes in India have been tuned for better low and mid-range performance. And, in cities, we mostly travel in under 60 km/hr. In that case, you will not need to struggle with the throttle. The engines are tuned to get better torque output rather the power output. Due to this engine character, one can keep the engine cool by lowering the revs

Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise

5. Beginners bike

If you are new or just beginning to learn motorcycle then you will definitely find the cruiser bikes more comfortable. They possess a low centre of gravity and seat height which makes it very easy for a learner to handle it. Also, they are not fast-revving machines, mostly, so the acceleration is calm and linear which will definitely give you good confidence.

Some of the popular cruiser bikes in the country are Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 (soon will be replaced by Meteor), Bajaj Avenger series, Suzuki Intruder. Also, there will be few bikes in the coming days such as TVS Zeppelin and also the Royal Enfield Meteor.


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