The Toyota Prius was one of the first cars to mark the beginning of the hybrid era for Toyota. The car became an icon for the company in terms of environmental concern as it had a hybrid system that consumes less fuel and producing lesser emissions. It was also introduced in our country for some time, but since it was an import and our government had no concessions for such a car, it did not sell well as it had was priced very highly. However, it is one of the most sold hybrid cars ever to be made. Even now, Toyota even focuses on its hybrid technology and has the Camry hybrid in our market. The Prius has been in production for 20 years and there is a new limited edition model called the Toyota Prius anniversary edition. Find out more about the car below.


The Prius was also the world’s first hybrid production car and started a new trend among people. It was launched in Japan in 1997 and later in the Us in 2000. The car has gotten a lot of changes and new models since but the design is still the same. The company has sold more than six million vehicles worldwide. Toyota will be offering 2,020 of these special models, based on the XLE front-wheel-drive variant.

Toyota Prius anniversary edition design

The Toyota Prius anniversary edition will get certain design changes on it to distinguish it from the regular model. These will include black alloy wheels, blackout headlight components, B-pillars and mirror housings, black shift knob, blacked-out interior A-pillar trim and smoked AC vents, colour-coded real-spoiler, “2020” insignia key glove/fob and floor mats. It will be available in two colours which are Supersonic Red or the new Wind Chill Pearl.

Toyota Prius anniversary edition


The Prius comes with features such as Bi-LED headlamps, LED tail lamps, automatic lights, automatic wipers, keyless entry, faux leather upholstery, power-adjustable driver’s seat with tilt and telescopic steering, climate control, wireless charger, a head-up display, adaptive headlights, Android Auto compatibility and Toyota’s latest Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 driver assistance system. This is also one of the auto industry’s most advanced driver-assist safety systems.

Toyota Prius anniversary edition powertrain

The Prius being a hybrid gets an electric motor as well as a petrol motor. Both in tandem produce 190 bhp. The fuel-efficiency is 22 km/l which is equivalent to most diesel cars of this size. But this car also has much fewer emissions.


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