Honda Grom is a small motorcycle which is specifically targeted for senior citizens, and also can be used as a utility side by side motorcycle. It is currently available in many international markets. Now you might wonder, why didn’t this bike came to India? Continue reading the blog and you will surely get your answer.

Honda Navi is the moped that was present for a quite long period in India, many of us might already know about it. The size of the Honda Navi is smaller than the usual bike. However, the bike was quite unsuccessful in India due to its smaller dimensions and various other factors such as pricing, power, etc.

Honda Grom red

Small Dimensions

The failure of the Honda Navi led the Honda Grom as an unsure bike for India market. The Honda Grom is even smaller in dimensions compared to the Honda Navi. The Honda Navi was a gearless bike while the Honda Grom comes with the four-speed gearbox. It is powered by the 125 cc single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine that produces about 9.7 bhp max power and 10.9 Nm of peak torque. When compared to the Honda Navi, the Honda Grom is about 1.7 bhp more powerful. So the bike will surely be a fun motorcycle than the Honda Navi. Nevertheless, it’s still underpowered than most of the 125 cc bikes in India.


Another reason which led the Navi to be an unsuccessful product was its price. The BS4 model was priced at Rs 48,803 (ex-showroom). At that price range, one can buy a complete full-size motorcycle. And similar would be the case with Honda Grom too if it gets launched in India. The international model comes with USD forks at the front and mono-shock suspension at the rear. The braking is done with the help of the disc brakes for the front and rear as well. Therefore it would be surely an expensive moped or bike in India. So for now, India is not yet ready for this kind of motorcycles. It might and will be in future but it’s still far away.

Honda Grom accessory

However, in South-East Asia and even the West, the Honda Grom is quite a popular small bike. It is also known as MSX125 in some of the countries. It is a successor of the Honda Monkey mini-bike. Many touring enthusiasts also ride on this bike due to its low height and comfortable posture, and also a very affordable. Nevertheless, Honda India is expected to bring some of the exciting products in India in the coming days such as CB150R, CBF190R, etc.


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