When you talk about iconic cars that have changed the market place the Maruti 800 comes to mind. It was the first car launched by Suzuki in partnership with Maruti in the country. The product became a huge success and lead the way for the company in the country. Till today people remember the iconic design of the 800. The car was also known for its iconic 800 cc engine that changed the market as well. It is still defined as the most popular car in the entry-level hatchback segment. Now, the car has been reimagined as an EV. We give you more details about the Maruti 800 electric below.


The car was discontinued in 2014 which is not that long ago. It remained in our market for 30 years. The 800 had been given continuous updates throughout its life. Now it has been reimagined as an electric car. Electric cars have already started coming in our market and there are many more that have been planned to come. The cars that are here already are enjoying a good amount of sales in the market despite having a lack of infrastructure. But what the Indian market needs are electric hatchbacks. While some companies are thinking of bringing such cars in the future there is no confirmed model. The Nexon EV is the cheapest high range of the electric vehicle you can buy. But it costs Rs 14 lakhs (ex-showroom).

Maruti 800 electric

Maruti 800 Electric Design

Rajshekar Dass has re-imagined the 800 and it gets the iconic silhouette of the original car with some changes on it. On the outside, the headlights and the taillights are sleeker and get LED DRLs. It will also not have a grille as it is an electric car. He says that the 800 electric could have the power to revolutionise the electric market. On the inside, there will be big infotainment screens and the latest gizmos and technology as well.

Maruti 800 Range and Pricing

The Maruti 800 electric could get a range of over 130 kms. If launched this car will be priced under 10 lakhs to be sold as a volume seller. The Maruti 800 EV is not a feasible option as it will need a lot of changes in the platform and architecture. But Maruti will soon launch an electric car. Since Maruti is best known for its pricing of the cars, it could bring in the cheapest electric car available in the market. For now, this is only a digital rendering of the car.


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