The sporty scooters have limited customer access, especially, college-goers are the ones who look for these scooters. Grazia was the sporty scooter offered from Honda. However, the scooter is currently discontinued for BS6 but many Honda fanboys are hoping that it should return. Let’s find out if there’s a chance of the comeback for Honda Grazia or not?

New Strategy

Honda is a very big manufacturing company as we all already know it but what most of us might not know is about the strategy. If we look at the previous Honda portfolio and compared it with the current portfolio, we see that Honda has really shrunk down its portfolio. So why would any brand do that? The main reason is the new BS6 emission norms

Honda Grazia

Due to a wide range of products, the customers got divided for the same segment. And which really meant was that Honda was trying to sell multiple bikes or scooters for the same set or number of the customer. Due to that, Honda had to work more or invest more to get the same number of sales. So to cut down the cost of the bikes without losing customers, Honda’s new strategy will be to make fewer products and sell more. This also resembles in its current portfolio, let’s take a look over it.

We’ll just take 110 cc scooters into account. Previously Honda had three scooters in 110 cc segment – Dio, Activa and Aviator. The Honda Aviator was the most premium scooter in 110 cc segment which had telescopic suspension, while the remaining two missed this. However, now Honda has equipped Activa 6G, as well as, Dio with telescopic suspension at the front which means people who wanted this feature can buy Dio or Activa 6G. In this manner, Honda will not lose the customers and as well also it will be easier for the manufacturer to keep the cost low.

Honda’s Dilemma

Honda Grazia


As said earlier, it is the new strategy of Honda. Honda Grazia was not gathering enough sales that they could male it as their mainstream product. On the other hand, Honda Activa 125 was a well-established product. Also, the 125 cc segment is now increased very well with offerings by almost every manufacturers. Due to the competition as well, Honda Grazia has suffered quite a lot and would have been suffered more if it was present toady in BS6 form.

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Nevertheless, the scooter would have competed against TVS Ntorq and also with Suzuki Burgman Street up to some extent. If the Honda Grazia was in BS6 form then it would have a price similar to Suzuki Burgman. At that price point, it would have been really hard for Grazia to compete against Suzuki Burgman Street.


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