The Maruti Suzuki Alto is one of the most successful cars of all time in the country. The car has undergone a lot of updates through its lifetime and looks completely different now. Since it is a budget hatchback, being one of the cheapest out there, high mileage is a big plus point for it. But even the most fuel-efficient petrol car cannot be compared to a CNG when it comes to mileage. Therefore, we compare the petrol variant of the Maruti Suzuki Alto to its CNG variant and give you the pros and cons of both.

Maruti Alto Fuel Efficiency

Maruti Alto

This is one of the biggest reasons why people go for the CNG variant over petrol. Almost all of the fleet cars for travel have the CNG kit on them. The petrol variant gives a fuel-efficiency of 22.05 km/l which is impressive in itself. But the car with the additional CNG kit gets an impressive 30.59 km/kg. This is an even bigger difference than when you compare petrol and diesel cars. The cost of CNG is also much lesser to petrol.

Maruti Alto Engine

Both variants come with an 800 cc three-cylinder engine. The one on the petrol produces 48 bhp and 69 nm of torque. Engine performance is a big area where the CNG variant also shows its disadvantage. With the addition of the CNG kit in the car, the power drops to 40 bhp and the torque drops to 60 nm.


The Alto’s engine is zippy and makes the car nimble due to its lightweight. But with the addition of the CNG kit, the car becomes somewhat heavier and the engine performance gets affected as well.

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Pricing and Verdict

The Alto LXI petrol costs Rs 3.57 lakhs (ex-showroom), while the Alto LXI CNG costs considerably higher at Rs 4.37 lakhs (ex-showroom). If you are on a tight budget, have to travel daily with the car and running costs on the top of your list, then the Alto CNG is the right choice. The money saved by putting a CNG is considerable and will amount to a huge amount in a year itself. But fitting the CNG kit in the car steals the performance and the zippiness of the car. Overtaking takes a little while and the car overall feels a bit laggy as well. Also, the CNG is Rs 80,000 costlier at the time of buying. The Maruti Alto K10 also comes with a CNG kit.


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