Before going towards the topic, we would like to give you a brief overview of the Bajaj Pulsar. So, as we all know its a sports motorcycle, it was first launched in the year 2001, co-developed with R&D Tokyo and was designed by famous motorcycle designer Glynn Kerr. Currently, the Bajaj Pulsar is the most sold sports bike series in the world. So why is the Bajaj Pulsar so popular in the country as well as in some of the international markets? The answer lies in history, so we will travel back in time to get the answer.


It was the year 1999 when Hero Honda launched their sports bike called as CBZ. The bike did manage to attract youngsters but not with a significant number. Bajaj quickly realised that there’s a segment which India is about to explore. So just after two years in the year 2001, Bajaj launched two performance-oriented motorcycles Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180. Back in the period, Bajaj Pulsar 180 offered the level of performance that no other motorcycle could offer. The bike came with approx 15 bhp which was a lot more significant in those days.

Bajaj Pulsar 150

Along with the segment above performance, the Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180 also had affordable price tags. Due to the engine options and affordable price tags, the Pulsar’s were an instant hit in the market. College-goers and youngsters were loving these motorcycles. Nevertheless, coming to another aspect of the success which is the consistency.


pulsar 220 F

Among the industries and especially in Automobile field, Kaizen principle is used a lot. It basically says to periodically develop the product. And that’s what Bajaj did with the Pulsar. Bajaj consistently increased power, features so that it doesn’t feel outdated. Bajaj Pulsar was coming with the semi-digital instrument cluster, pilot headlamps, LED taillamps ways back in 2006, so you can get the idea of the consistency of the manufacturer.

The Pulsar series did not stop with just the 150 sand 180. In 2007, Bajaj introduced the fastest Indian motorcycle till then, which is, of course, the popular Pulsar 220. The bike was offered with clip-on handlebars, fuel-injector, rear disc brake, oil-cooler and whatnot, which still misses out on many modern sports bike.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

Now that’s a lot of history lesson, now let’s talk about the present. Bajaj currently has Pulsar 125, 150, 180F, 220F, NS160, NS200 and RS200 in the Pulsar lineup. Among them, the NS160, NS200 and RS200 are relatively new bikes and what’s special about them? It’s their power output. These three Pulsars produce a segment-leading power output. That’s the main reason for the popularity of these motorcycles among today’s youngsters. Nevertheless, Bajaj has done the right things at the right time with Pulsar series which eventually helped the Pulsar to gain consistently growing sales.

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