The Hyundai Santro and Tata Tiago are two cars which are on the top of the budget hatchback segment. These cars have always created confusion in the minds of people who are looking for good budget hatchbacks. Also, the pricing is very competitive and this is where a lot of buyers fall in a dilemma. This is what we will try to solve today by helping you make a better choice according to your need.

Price Comparison

Hyundai Santro

Both these cars start at a price of Rs 4.15 lakhs. The top-end models go up to Rs 6.5 lakhs. This is taken into consideration with the manual gearbox. Although the price range is the same there are a lot of differences in the engine of the car. Also, the features package on one of these cars is much stronger. The Hyundai Santro vs Tata Tiago comparison is the weakest when the price is compared but when we look at the value for money, then we get a clearer picture.


The Tata Tiago gets a 1.2-litre petrol engine. This produces a power of 84 BHP and the torque output is 113 Nm. The engine on the Santro is a 1.1-litre engine. But the engine is a four-cylinder setup which offers wider torque band. The power is a bit low at 69 BHP. So if you are an enthusiast the Tata Tiago proves to be a better choice for you whereas the Hyundai Santro has the better ease of driving. The ride and handling of the Tata Tiago are better than the Hyundai Santro. The Santro has upside with a CNG variant on offer.

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The design will be more of a subjective to your personal tastes. But for the changes from the old model, the Tata Tiago has got a new Headlight and a new grille. The only major change was the new yellow colour. The one upside on this car is the bigger wheel size. The 15-inch wheels on the Tata Tiago look bold and improve the overall ride too. The Tiago also has an option of customization of roof colour. This car gets 6 colour options.

The Hyundai Santro design has not changed much since its relaunch. The car gets the mid gen Hyundai design language. It also has a very simple design but at times it feels like a lot of elements do not fit together. There is a lot of resemblance with the older Hyundai i10. There is no option of Alloy wheels on the Hyundai Santro.


Both these cars have quirky bits on the interiors. There are hints of the body colour on the inside at places which does not isolate the passenger from the car. Tiago gets a 7-inch touch screen and will be seen with Android Auto Connect and Apple CarPlay. This also gets a rear parking sensor and the touchscreen as the display for the rear parking camera. The extreme side AC vents on this car’s dashboard have body colour surrounds. It also gets electrical ORVM. These have a black treatment which gives it a sporty look. The car also has fully automatic climate control. Along with this, there is also a cooled glove box.

The Music system on this car consists of 4 speakers and 2 tweeters from HARMAN. Along with this, there is seat height adjustment on the car is a bonus point. After the update, the car gets a new instrument cluster. This is similar to the Tata Nexon. This car gets Follow me home headlights on the topmost variant. It also gets voice command too for Android Auto.

Hyundai does get a better touchscreen system. The music system of the vehicle is not as capable as on the Tiago. There is eco coating technology on the AC which keeps the AC vents bacteria-free and gives u cleaner air. The interior of the Santro feels more premium. The rear seat of the vehicle on the Santro is a bit better. And this does not take a hit on the boot space. Both these cars have almost equal boot space. Santro has 7 colour options.

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In terms of safety, this car gets a lot of features like 2 airbags as standard. The car also gets 4 stars on NCAP ratings. The vehicle gets an electronic brakeforce distribution force with cornering ABS. The Hyundai Santro gets only 1 airbag as standard. The vehicle also gets the other basic features for safety too. It does not have any exceptional safety as the Tata has. The ABS and electronic brakeforce distribution is seen only at the top end of the vehicle. The Santro got 2 stars in terms of Global NCAP ratings. But the lowest variant of the vehicle was tested with only one airbag.

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So to sum it up the Tata Tiago has its advantage for an enthusiast but if someone is looking for space then the Hyundai Santro is the choice. If we consider the overall comparison then the Tata Tiago comes as a winner here. There is only price difference which makes the Santro a good budget choice.


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