Hyundai Cars are slowly building an SUV lineup with SUVs in every segment. They have come up with 2 new SUV – Hyundai Creta and Hyundai Venue which have been absolutely killer products in their segments. And now the company is planning on one more SUV which will complete the SUV lineup. The news is that it will be called the Hyundai AX. As of now, the company has not come with a product name. In this article, we will see some of the things that we are expecting on this SUV.

Hyundai AX Micro SUV

Technically speaking an SUV is a Sports Utility Vehicle. So to qualify as an SUV it should have a good ground clearance and should be spacious on the inside. Also, the performance has to be enough to earn the sports part of the Sports Utility name. But if we take a look at the micro SUVs in the market they are just spacious hatchback. Calling it a micro SUV will be just a pseudo name for a spacious hatchback.

We do have to accept that manufacturers have understood that calling a car an SUV makes it sell well. And a Micro SUV is a clever way to get about selling spacious hatchbacks. Nevertheless, this is a trend and will settle down as soon as the supply over satisfies the demand.

Hyundai’s Inspiration

Hyundai AX

Hyundai has given some of the most impressive hatchbacks in the market. With segment leaders like the Hyundai i20, they have absolutely nailed the demand of the segment. So the expectation with the Hyundai AX will be that the Hyundai AX will take all the flaws from the existing micro SUVs in the market and it will fix and get a car out of it. We can expect the styling to be like a Hyundai i20 new gen with the big single grille at the front. The interiors will be like the one seen on the Santro but the dimensions will be improved. The tall boy design will be compromised but there will be ground clearance on offer. The Hyundai AX will get bold and boxy looks from the venue and it might get the new headlight setup from the Creta.

Of Course, if they create a car that has something from every other car they have then it might steal their customer. So the engine of the vehicle will not be from any flagship model. Also, the feature end might not be as strong as other Hyundai cars but the Hyundai AX is definitely expected to beat the competition.

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What’s confirmed?

The Hyundai AX will make use of the Santro Platform. It will be somewhat of a successor of the Hyundai Santro. It will be a vehicle that will be priced around the Rs 4-6 lakh bracket. The car will have a more premium and upmarket feel than the Hyundai Santro. But the engine will be the same 1.1L four-cylinder engine. The state of tune might be slightly higher than that of the Santro. The transmission will be a 5-speed manual or an AMT. The car is not expected soon but we will soon get to hear some news from the company about the teaser of the Hyundai AX


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