India is the fastest-growing two-wheeler market in the world. A few years ago it was hard for any manufacturer to gather the sales from the unusual product. However, the scenario has changed and now many manufacturers are trying something different and also succeeding. To give an example consider TVS Ntorq which have a very unusual look but still caters many college-goers and young customers. So is there any chance of the Honda Activa 150?


First, let’s understand Honda as a manufacturer. Honda is the brand which believes in the quality and long-lasting products. The Hero Honda Splendor is just an example of there quality, Hero after JV break-up, still hasn’t changed the engine and major hardware of the bike. We all know that due to a great level of quality, these bikes are expensive than its competitions. So Honda puts fewer risks in the new segments. If the market quantity is good, then the brand surely invests in the segment.

150 cc scooters

Honda PCX 150

150 cc scooter segment is the most premium scooter segment in India. The only manufacturer who manufactures 150-160 cc scooters is the Piaggio. Piaggio currently has Aprilia SR 160 and Vespa scooter in there 150-160 cc segment lineup. These scooters do have a premium price tag when compared to other scooters. These scooters have a price ranging above Rs 1 lakhs (ex-showroom) which is quite expensive considering the Indian market. Therefore these scooters manage to acquire only 1,500-2,000 average monthly sale.

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Maxi Scooter

Nevertheless, there’s one more scooter, maxi scooter to be specific which is not a 150 cc scooter but has something unusual. You guessed it right, we are talking about the Suzuki Burgman Street. This maxi-scooter is a 125 cc scooter but comes at a higher price point around Rs 10,000 expensive than average 125 cc scooter. This scooter managed to gather more than 7,000 average monthly sales which are more than some of the 110cc, 125 cc scooters. That’s impressive, isn’t it? So why was this scooter successful, that’s because Suzuki has found the right audience. People who love travelling long journeys appreciated this scooter.

For India?

So what we are saying is that if Honda makes 150 cc scooter specifically for India, they would have to make a scooter that can be targeted for a specific audience. The Aprilia SR 160 is targeted for speed enthusiasts, Vespa is targeted for retro scooter enthusiasts while the Burgman Street has been targeted for touring enthusiasts. Honda Activa 150 is hard to say as Activa is a commuter brand, but in future, there might be Activa 150 but not in the near future. Honda PCX 150 has a lot more possibility to come to India. It’s a maxi-scooter and was showcased in the Auto Expo 2018. It might come in 2021 or 2022.


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