The WagonR is a tall boy hatchback that sits in the middle range on Maruti cars. It has consistently performed well in the market and has dominated its segment as well. In this price segment, Maruti is known to dominate due to its low maintenance costs. The WagonR has been popular with all classes of people and is a favourite amongst families as well as used by fleet drivers. The WagonR is offered in a manual as well as an AMT variant. With AMT being much more convenient to the manual and also not that costly. We find out if the Maruti WagonR AMT is better than the manual.

Maruti WagonR Costs

The price difference between the AMT and the manual gearbox is around Rs 50,000. Although to be noted is that with an AMT you do not lose out on the fuel efficiency and you get the same as the manual variant. But the parts of an AMT are more expensive to replace, and overall the servicing and maintenance do cost more than that of a manual. Therefore if cost-effectiveness is your most important factor then the manual variant will be the better choice.

Maruti WagonR

Driving in the city

This is the biggest reason why you should go for the AMT variant. The traffic on our roads nowadays is increasing every day. Here, the AMT technology shines. There is no clutch pedal in this car and therefore it eases the entire driving experience. If you are someone who drives their car often through traffic, then this gearbox is highly recommended. This gearbox is largely popular in metro cities.

Maruti WagonR acceleration

If you are someone who constantly likes to rev the cars and enjoys the instant performance of the car, then the manual will be the right option. Although the automatic proves to be more convenient, it is indeed a bit laggy. Also sometimes when you really want the car to downshift multiple gears it takes time in doing so. Maruti WagonR AMT gearbox does not provide instant power and can seem a bit laggy to some. However, the Maruti WagonR will be used by people for mostly city driving and the difference with the AMT will not be noticed in this kind of driving. On the highway as well if you accelerate in a linear fashion, the AMT will be good enough.

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For a car like the Maruti WagonR which is mostly used in the city and at lower speeds, the AMT gearbox comes off as better. Although it will prove to be a bit costly but the convenience that the gearbox provides will be worth the extra money.


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