We all are aware that Norton is a very exclusive brand. The UK based brand is very well known for its classics, cafe-racers, superbikes. However, in recent times the Norton motorcycles have poor sales due to the exclusivity and limited audience range. So can they have joined hands with TVS and started a JV. Lets find if this TVS Norton JV can bring some treat for the customers.

Mass Production

TVS is quite popular for its sub 200 cc bikes and also their latest entry in the 300 cc category is also appreciated. So you have already guessed that TVS is a mass manufacturing company. Due to the wide customer range and acceptance, the manufacturer has a benefit to share lots of equipment with different motorcycles. So in the coming future, TVS will surely make motorcycles that can share the equipment with Norton’s exclusive bikes. The very closest example is of the Bajaj, Bajaj has joint ventures with KTM, Husqvarna and now Triumph. Due to this Bajaj has a lot of advantage to share the equipment. This helps the manufacturer to reduce the cost of the motorcycle and increase its audience. For reference, KTM 250 Duke, RC 250, Husqvarna Svartpilen 250, Vitpilen 250 and Bajaj Dominar 250 has the same engine. That’s the reason KTM, Bajaj and Husqvarna motorcycles are more affordable than other brands.

TVS has also a JV with the BMW Motorrad, TVS Apache RR 310 was the product of this joint venture. Currently, TVS-BMW is developing one more premium mid-displacement motorcycle. So we can expect that in future TVS Norton JV might play a bigger role to develop higher displacement motorcycles. These bikes might be sharing the engines, hardware with the BMW Motorrad’s.

Nonetheless, the upcoming plans of the TVS Norton JV will include expansion of the brand and to have access to many international markets. Norton currently sells Commando 961 cafe-racer, Commando 961 sports and Dominator in the Indian market. These bikes are above 900 cc bikes and have a very premium price tag. It was previously suspected that TVS might rebadge the Norton motorcycles but TVS later confirmed that Norton will remain as a separate brand.

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Smaller bikes

It’s hard to say whether Norton will venture into sub 500 cc segment, but there’s a possibility to venture into sub 700 cc segment. Norton already has parallel twin 650 cc engines on their sports bikes, so that this engine can be used in the upcoming bikes. Norton’s 650 two-cylinder engine has a lot more possibility to attract a wider range of customers. Nevertheless, the Indian audience is more eager for sub 500 cc bikes, and we hope TVS Norton takes it seriously.


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