The Royal Enfield Meteor is the most discussed product ever since it was spotted while being tested the last year. Just to give you an idea of the progression of the timeline, First, the car was spotted as a new generation Royal Enfield to replace the 350 Classic. But this was proved to be wrong as the company launched a BS6 version of the classic with Fi. Then the bike was spotted to be a cruiser and there was speculation for it to be a replacement to the 500cc models which were discontinued. This too was quickly changed as a few photos of the name Meteor 350 were leaked. Now we have this new name Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Fireball and let’s get to know more about this bike.


The Meteor 350 was considered as the successor to the RE Thunderbird which was the hardcore cruiser bike from the company. Now the name fireball has been seen on the leaked images and this has raised the question if it will be a variant of a special edition like the Electra. This could also be the name of the colour that has been offered on the vehicle. But we will have to wait for the actual launch to get clarity on the same.

Meteor 350 Features

The Meteor 350 Fireball was spotted completely undisguised and a lot of features were confirmed. The bike continues on the retro style headlamp but now to match this it gets around tail lamp too. The headlamp is upgraded to the LED daytime running lights. The alloy wheels of the vehicle are with body-coloured pinstripes. This is new as compared to the older Thunderbird X models. Also, the instrument cluster of the vehicle is a single pod cluster. This is expected to be slightly better than the previous instrument which messed up on a lot of information. The tail light indicators have now been separated from the brake light. The bike also gets a twin shock absorber to keep the retro look intact. Also, the front forks on the Meteor 350 fireball have been kept the same to maintain the continuity. Disc brakes have been offered on both ends which means that the bike might also get dual-channel ABS. The biggest change of all is the change in the chain drive side.

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Price and Launch

Now the expected price of the vehicle was close to Rs 1.6 lakhs this was confirmed in the leaked image. The image suggested a price of Rs 1,68,550. Now, this could be the price of the Royal Enfield Meteor Fireball edition specifically. As of the launch of the vehicle, we can expect its launch only once the company recovers from the losses caused due to the COVID 19 lockdown. We know that a lot of you are excited about this bike but as of now, there is no confirmation on the launch date of the bike.


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