Maruti is one such brand that has been making cars that are loved by a large number of people. They make cars which are affordable and built for a purpose. Most of the Indian households have their first car as a Maruti car. So today we are bringing you a dose of nostalgia with these 5 Maruti Cars which are still loved by enthusiasts.

Maruti Gypsy

Maruti Gypsy

The Maruti Gypsy is a car that has been the first petrol 4X4 in the market. This was used a lot by the Army. Even enthusiasts loved this car when it was introduced in the form of the Gypsy King. Initially, it was launched with a 1.0-litre engine. The Gypsy King came with a 1.3-litre engine which gave the car a perfect power to weight ratio. This was used for rallies and people are still waiting for its comeback as the Maruti Jimny. The Jimny might come to the market by next year and will be an exciting car to look for.

Maruti 800

Maruti 800

The Maruti 800 was the first car from the company Maruti Suzuki. This car was a very lightweight machine with a punchy 800cc engine. The main reason why this car was famous with enthusiasts was that the parts of the car were easily available from Japan. Also, the car was very light which meant it could have a better power to weight ratio. The other reason why this car was purchased a lot by regular customers was that the company has solved the problem of heating. The Premier Padmini and the Hindustan Ambassador had severe heating problems and this was not the case on the Maruti Suzuki 800.

Maruti Esteem

Maruti Esteem

The Maruti Esteem started its journey in the Indian market as the Maruti 1000. When the Esteem was introduced it came with the option of the 1.3-litre engine and 2 variants. This was big for its time. The main reason why this car made it to the enthusiast’s list was the fact that this car had a killer performance. The light chassis and the powerful engine give the car its stand on the pedestal. As it was a Maruti vehicle, parts for modification could be customised or ordered easily from Japan. Also, it was much more affordable than the German import cars which were trying to secure the market.

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Maruti Baleno (Old)

Maruti Baleno

The Baleno was a hit in the Indian market because of its engine. The car came with a 1.6L petrol engine. This car was known for its performance and handling. The car had a low centre of gravity and the suspension gave good handling as well as ride quality. The car was disliked by some for its low gas mileage but this the last thing for an enthusiast to bother. Another reason why it did not sell in the commuter market was the price where it competed with imports.

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Maruti Swift Diesel

New Maruti Swift RS rear

This car was loved by enthusiasts because it was the first sporty diesel hatchback. The car had amazing handling and the diesel engine meant that there was a lot of torque on offer. Also this car could be considered as a sleeper where you could buy one and get a ton of modifications done so as to increase the performance and looks. The latest trend of small diesel engines can be said to be started here.


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