Many companies are launching a sporty version of their bikes. These tend to get a fully fared design and a more aggressive stance for the rider. In the case of the budget flared bikes, you get the option of the Yamaha R15 and the Duke RC 200. Both of these bikes are focused more on the performance side. Technically the Yamaha R15 competes with the KTM RC 125. But if you look at the RC 200 it is only Rs 40,000 more than the Yamaha R15 V3. So let’s find out if the bike is worth the extra money. We put these two together and which one is the most value for your buck.

Engine and performance

The R15 gets a 150cc motor that produces 19 bhp from a single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. The KTM RC 200, on the other hand, produces 25 bhp. This is a significant difference in the power between the two bikes. But in the acceleration part, you do not notice a lot of difference. Only when you get to higher speeds than the KTM RC 200 shows its advantage. To get the most out of the KTM RC 200 you have to keep it at the top of the rev range. This makes the bike feel a bit jerky at low speed and is not comfortable while riding in traffic. Therefore if you are going to commute in traffic a lot of the times then the RC 200 will not be the best choice. The R15 gets a better linear-pull and the low-end torque is better. Therefore for comfort-oriented driving the R15 is better. While for a sudden burst of power the KTM will perform slightly better.

KTM RC 200

Seat and features

The Yamaha R15 gets a proper pillion seat whereas the RC 200 only gets some padding in the rear. This makes the KTM RC 200 a bit less practical. While the KTM was stylish and had features when it was launched, it has not gotten any kind of updates or features on it. The instrument cluster, although has a lot of information, is old one and looks outdated. The Yamaha has a lot of fresher elements on it and looks to be more modern in terms of design than the KTM RC 200. The KTM RC 200 does not even get Bluetooth compatibility which is offered on a lot of bikes in its segment.


The R15 gets variable valve technology as well which helps with fuel efficiency as well. This is missing on the KTM RC 200. The Yamaha gets a fuel efficiency of 40 to 45 km/l while the KTM RC 200 gets 35 km/l. Furthermore, in real-world conditions, the KTM could give even lesser as the bike has to be driven aggressively.


The KTM RC 200 costs Rs 1.90 lakh(ex-showroom) while the R15 costs 1.45 lakh(ex-showroom). Now, even though the KTM does offer more outright performance but it lacks in other areas and does not make up for its increased price. The Pulsar RS 200 might be a better option if you want a 200 cc fully fared bike.


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