The Tata Sierra was an iconic car in the 1990s. The car was one of the first estate type cars to get success in the market. The large glass panels on the rear of the car made it feel very roomy and proved to be very comfortable for rear passengers. It was finally discontinued due to low sales. This year in the Auto Expo, Tata showcased a surprise re-entry of the car. Find out details below.

Tata Sierra EV powertrain

The battery in the Sierra will be an upgraded version of the one seen on the Nexon EV. The car will get a four-wheel-drive system as well. This will make the Sierra a suitable car for people who might want to take it off-road and could be used by the government as well to promote the use of electric cars. The Sierra’s electric motor is expected to produce around 150 bhp or higher. The range is also expected to be closer to the 400 km mark. It is also expected to be equipped with fast charging and charging from 0 – 80 per cent could be done within an hour. It will also be paired with a lithium-ion battery pack and a single-speed automatic transmission.


The Tata Sierra EV is expected to retain all the iconic elements of the original car. The seats and the overall dashboard will be very premium. The glass panels around the car will definitely be retained. The overall boxy look of the car will also be kept for practicality. It is expected to get all the modern features that are seen on cars of today. It will also be having sliding doors on it so that it becomes a proper MPV and ingress to the rear seats becomes much more efficient. The overall design of the Sierra EV is similar to that of the Tata Harrier and it thus follows the impact 2.0 design of the company with the badging as well.

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Tata Sierra EV

Tata Sierra EV pricing

The car was also shown in a concept stage which means that even if Tata decides to launch the car in the country, it is far from launch date and will take a couple of years at least with the current market scenario. The car is an EV is expected to be priced a the higher side. Since it will get all the latest features and a premium interior. The car could be priced at around Rs 20 lakh. It will go up against the Hyundai Kona and the MG ZS EV.


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  • Looks cool !!! I am interested

  • Cool looking car… would certainly go for it if it is launched soon 2020-2021.