The Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire comes in both manual and automatic variants. The new automatic gearbox from Maruti is now called the Automatic gear shifter (AGS). This is similar to the AMT technology. This optional extra will cost you about Rs 60,000 extra to buy. We give you the exact difference between the two and help you choose the rise variant according to your needs.

Traffic Conditions

This is the biggest reason why you should go for the AMT variant. The traffic on our roads nowadays is increasing every day. Here, the AMT technology shines. There is no clutch pedal in this car and therefore it eases the entire driving experience. If you are someone who drives their car often through traffic, then this gearbox is highly recommended. This gearbox is largely popular in metro cities.

Enthusiasts Concern

This is somewhere where the manual gearbox comes into the picture. If you are someone who constantly likes to rev the cars and enjoys the instant performance of the car, then the manual will be the right option. Although the automatic proves to be more convenient, it is indeed a bit laggy, and sometimes when you really want the car to downshift multiple gears it takes time in doing so. The gearbox is not meant to provide instant power and can seem a bit laggy to some.


Maruti Dzire Pricing and Mileage

While the AMT technology costs about Rs 60,000 more to buy, it does offer a bit more mileage. The manual gets a fuel efficiency of 23.26 km/l while the AMT variant gets 24.12 km/l. But overall, the pricing of the AGS variant will be more, as an automatic car is known to have more ownership costs more than the manual. Its spare parts relating to the transmission are costlier than the manual variants.

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Highway Driving

Maruti Swift Dzire

AMT technology is something that works well in traffic conditions. Although it also works well on highways, sometimes you do miss out on the instant response of the car. The AMT transmission does come with a manual option as well. So you can shift it to that mode on open roads. But even in this mode, it tends to fall short of the responsiveness of the manual gearbox.

Maruti Dzire competition

The car competes with the likes of the Hyundai Aura and the Honda Amaze. The Swift Dzire costs between Rs 5.89 lakh – 8.80 lakh (All ex-showroom).


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