We were the first to reveal that the new Bajaj Avenger will come in two variants with the existing 220cc engine. While we have shared the pics of the ‘Street’ version and a glimpse of the ‘Cruise’ version, fresh pics have now emerged showing both these variants clearly.

Out of the three variants in the 2016 Bajaj Avenger, we had revealed about a new 150cc variant to be launched. The other two variants will continue with the existing 220cc engine. The first variant will be one with a blacked-out theme, similar to the Dark Custom from Harley Davidson, with black alloy wheels and identical front suspension covers. It will also be named ‘Street’.


The second variant with a 220cc engine is the ‘Cruise’ . It will be different from the ‘Street’ as it will carry a lot of chrome, more than the current Avenger . This bike will also feature a new wide pulled-back handlebar, typical of a cruiser. In addition it also has a windscreen, stretched-out rear view mirrors and clear-lens turn indicators.


There will not be any 200cc version coming in the Avenger. Bajaj will stick to the 220cc engine and bring in a new 150cc in the Avenger.


Image Source: Motoroids


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