The Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi, has recently unveiled its electric mopeds in their native country. These mopeds are set to have a majority of sales in the urban markets. The Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro are slow-speed electric scooter/mopeds that will make it limited for intracity travel. Let’s see what this bike possess in terms of features and specifications.

At first glance, both the scooters appear to have similar styling. The styling is pretty much basic but looks clean and futuristic. It gets small rectangular LED headlamp, single-seat and alloy wheels that make it somewhat premium. Overall, there’s not much to talk about the design as it is pretty minimal and that’s not a bad thing either. However, to make it interesting these mopeds will have very funky colour schemes.

Single Charge Range

The most fundamental element of any electric vehicle is its range and performance. The Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro both these mopeds have a top speed of 25 km/h. However, the A1 and A1 Pro differ in the riding range. Xiaomi A1 has a range of 60 km/charge while A1 Pro has 70 km of range on a single charge. Both the mopeds do come with Li-ion battery that takes about 7.5 hours to completely charge from 0-100. These batteries are of removable type therefore it can be charged into parking space or garage very conveniently.


Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro

As the mopeds are from the tech giant so many of us have been expecting it with some modern techs, well Xiaomi didn’t disappoint. Both these mopeds gets equipped with a 6.8-inch touch screen instrument panel that also supports voice commands. The display shows most of the needed information you will need such as speed, range, etc. The console also gets built-in application to play songs and music. The console can be connected with the your smartphone as well. This will help the display to show driver the incoming calls, turn-by-turn navigation, etc. One more interesting feature of this console is that it records full HD (1080p) video that can be stored to an external storage device. The camera is basically equipped as a safety feature, especially for the ladies.

Price and Rivals

Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro

The Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro in Chinese markets have been launched at a price tag of Rs 32,151 (2,999 Yuan) and Rs 42,871 (3,999 Yuan) respectively. If launched in India, it might have some price hike than the Chinese pricing, as it is earlier experienced in case of Xiaomi mobiles phones. It will be rivalling the Hero Electric Optima, Hero Electric Flash LA, Ampere V 48 and other electric scooters in the market.


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