Nissan Patrol is the full-sized SUV that is co-developed by Nissan and UAE Rally Champion, Dr Mohammed Ben Sulayem, FIA Vice President. The SUV has gained popularity in the Arabian nations due to its heavy performance and offroad ability. Looking at the LandCruisers success in India, Nissan might have a thought on launching the Nissan Patrol in India. Let’s take a look at the specifications of this big SUV, then we can predict the possibility of success in India.


The main element that drives a customer to buy big SUVs is its power and Nissan hasn’t compromised in terms of power. The SUV is equipped with a 5.6-litre V8 engine that produces around massive 400 bhp max power and 560 Nm of peak torque. Comparing with the LandCruiser that’s whole 130 bhp more, However, LandCruiser produces more torque output at 650 Nm.

To eliminate the lower torque output Nissan Patrol has been equipped with 7-speed automatic compared to 6-speed automatic on LandCruiser.

Nissan Patrol

The SUV also has limited-slip differential and selectable off-road drive modes.

The limited slip-differential allows the rear differential to lock both the wheels at higher revs, this helps the vehicle to move from bog or desserts very easily.
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Along with the offroad-ability, the SUV is also equipped with pretty modern techs. It gets a touch-screen infotainment system, Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility safety features, off-road monitoring systems, etc. It has premium upholstery, sunroof, climate control, auto headlamps and wiper and much more.
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Exterior Design / Looks

Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol is looking pretty similar to the old-schooled boxy SUVs. That’s not a bad thing, as the boxy styling really enhances the SUVish of the vehicle. At the front, it gets chrome grille, LED headlamps and DRLs.
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Coming at the side portion, it gets massive 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels that look well suited on the SUV. From the rear, the taillight unit is all LED unit. There’s a lot of chrome treatment on the vehicle which is appreciated in India.

Price and Rivals

In the International markets, Nissan Patrol is more affordable than the Toyota LandCruiser. While coming in Indian markets, It should have a price gap of Rs 15-20 lakhs below LandCruiser. Currently, LandCruiser costs around Rs 86.02 lakhs to 1.46 Crores (both prices ex-showroom) in India. There will be one more entity in the segment this year and that will be by MG Motors, the MG Gloster. MG Gloster is expected to have aggressive pricing and will be a tough contestant in the segment.

Overall, India has a huge market for full-sized SUVs and the new entries are proving this. Therefore, the Nissan Patrol should have good chance to have succeed in India as well.


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