The compact SUV segment is one of the fastest-growing in India. We compare the two popular cars in this segment the Tata Harrier and the Jeep Compass. Check out our comparison below.


The Tata Harrier gets a very modern design. It gets a lot of design cues from the Range Rover family. The Jeep Compass also sticks to its rugged design and gets good road presence looking like a mini Jeep Cherokee. It’s a traditional boxy look with the design being a simplistic look. While the Harrier gets a funky look. The SUV stance of the Harrier looks more dominating. Both this SUV side by side look premium and have a good deal of value for money proposition. But the Tata is the one that looks more modern with its LED daytime running lights.

Jeep Compass Front motion


The Harrier was earlier missing an automatic gearbox but it thankfully gets one now. Also, it gets the updated 170 bhp diesel engine which makes it at power with the Jeep Compass. in terms of driveability, the ride quality of the Harrier is a bit better than the Jeep Compass and the clutch is also lighter on the Harrier. Although it must be noted on the Jeep Compass the gear changes are much better and smoother especially when you want to drive enthusiastically. The Jeep Compass also gets the option of the petrol motor but that is only 140 bhp and does not feel powerful enough. Ground clearance of the Tata Harrier is more than the Jeep Compass.

Harrier front


The Tata Harrier is overall bigger than the Jeep Compass which does play its part on the interior space. The Jeep Compass gets premium interiors with features like Android Auto Apple Car Play and climate control. The overall fit and finish of the Compass are very premium in feel. It also gets an electronic brake along with lots of storage spaces on the inside. The Harrier misses out on the electronic parking brake with similar storage spaces. The front seating of both cars is very comfortable. The Harrier does edge out in the second-row department in terms of headroom and knee room as the width of the Harrier is also more which helps in seating three comfortably for long rides.

2019 Tata Harrier Dark Edition dashboard

Pricing and verdict

The new Tata Harrier wins our verdict with the new updates such as the sunroof, the automatic gearbox and the more powerful engine. Tata as a brand also has more reach in terms of dealership networks and reach. Therefore it wins our comparison test. The Harrier is also cheaper than the Compass when you compare the variants.



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