The Corona Virus Pandemic has caused panic and state of fear among our minds. We have to be very careful with our actions now. The best way is to do social distance and avoid leaving our houses as much as possible. Another thing that worries is that if we have to use our vehicles to work then how do we protect our self. Here are 3 ways to sanitize your vehicle. This is to be performed only if you have the urgency to use your vehicle. We remind you again to avoid going our and stay indoors as far as possible.

Why sanitize your vehicle?

As the information given by WHO, the virus that causes Covid-19 stays on metal surfaces for 8 hrs. Your car or bike is made up of 50 per cent metal. Also, the vehicle is parked outside and it is exposed to a lot of foreign materials. Although you might say that we might not touch every part of the vehicle but it is possible of transferring from surface to surface. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

1. Complete Soap Wash

A complete wash of the vehicle will not eliminate the virus. But a simple addition of soap to your wash can break the protective covering of the virus. Also, this option of washing the complete vehicle is not advised to be done right now where the government has asked you to stay indoors. This also provides you protection from the virus outside the vehicle and it will not make for the interiors. If you go for a complete detailing of the car it is the safest.  So keep reading for other ways to sanitize your vehicle. Also, get this done from a professional if you are doing it for the first time. If you want to be extra safe add some Dettol to the mix of water.

2. Sanitize Touch Points

The other quick way is to sanitise your touchpoints. This is simple and also shown in the video that we made where we explain all the points to keep in mind while you sanitize your car. These same apply while you sanitize your vehicle. The use of any sanitizer might work for this. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol solutions that contain at least 70 per cent alcohol should be effective at killing the coronavirus. This means the isopropyl alcohol-based cleaners are the best choice among the solutions. There are many manufacturers producing isopropyl alcohol-based cleaners, so it is available at very affordable rates. You can use the nozzle spray caps so that the liquid is prayed over the large surface evenly and easily.

3. Treating like Infected

The last way is a bit absurd but it will work if you want to use the vehicle in an extreme emergency. This means you can’t take chances with the vehicle. Make use of gloves and cover your mouth with a mask. Make sure that you don’t touch your face after using the vehicle and sanitize yourself after using the vehicle. This does not contain a direct way to disinfect your vehicle but it might work in times of emergency.

Precautions to be taken

Also do not forget to clean the AC vents and the window panels. A consumer report also suggests that always washing the hands before driving as well as after the driving. This reduces a lot of possibility of the virus to enter our body. We urge people not to use any kind of vehicle unless and until there’s an emergency. If you are the social worker or medical-related person who need to travel so these sanitizing technics will be useful for you.

Stay Home Stay Safe.


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