The Vespa Elettrica was showcased at the Auto Expo 2020 this year. This was an electric scooter that Vespa was to launch in India. Now seeing the slowing in the market due to CoronaVirus and other economic downfalls we might see a delay in launches. This being true the Vespa Elettrica might make it to India as a CBU unit. The launch might stay on time and we could have a rival to the TVS iQube and the Bajaj Chetak Electric. Read more as we discuss more on the company’s plans to launch this scooter.

2020 Vespa Elettrica Launch

The launch of this scooter is expected in the month of June. The scooter will come as a CBU product. Being a CBU it will cost more than the other competitors. This won’t be a problem as Vespa has always been the iPhone of two-wheelers. The Vespa Elettrica is expected to hit a price of Rs 1.5 lakhs. Whereas the competition is placed at Rs 1 lakh. This pricer electric scooter won’t offer much more than the premiumness for the extra cost. Also, the Vespa Badge might be related to art but the audience for that badge is not there in high numbers in India.

elettrica Screen2020 Vespa Elettrica

Vespa Electrical Parameters

The electrics of the Vespa are in competition with the Bajaj Chetak. The scooter offers a range of 100 Km. It gets this range within 4 hrs of charging. This means it can be a vehicle which can be a daily driver of people within the city. It gets a 4.3-inch instrument cluster. It is a complete colour display. There is no mention of a touchscreen panel and this might be better as it keeps more focus on driving. There is BlueTooth connectivity and it offers a lot of information. The scooter comes with a dedicated which connects to the scooter via BlueTooth. This app controls a lot of stuff on the scooter but you can too manage music and calls from the scooter with the app.

Vespa Customization

Vespa offers a lot in terms of customization. One place where this scooter might be seen down upon is where it does not offer a lot of colours. The body colour of the scooter remains silver and you get to choose on the accents colour. This might not be liked by the masses but as this scooter is not aimed at the masses Vespa might not introduce more colours in the future.

elettrica engine 2020 Vespa Elettrica

Vespa offers a lot of accessories as addons to the scooters.  The most head-turning of them is the transparent top faring. This is way huge and the sheer look of this faring makes it functional. There is also a body-coloured top box, backrest, luggage rack. The luggage rack comes at front and back. The front mudguard also gets an additional accessory as additional protection.

2020 Vespa Elettrica Dimensions

Wheelbase1,350 mm
Length1,870 mm
Width735 mm
Height1,150 mm
Saddle height790 mm
Weight (with battery)130 kg

Vespa Elettrica Specifications

The scooter is 130 kg which is a manageable weight for a scooter. It has a saddle height of 790mm. The battery on this scooter has a life cycle of 1000 charges. The scooter provides 3.5 kW of continuous power. The maximum power of the scooter is 4kW. The Motor gives a torque of 200 Nm at the wheels which is too much for the scooter and we will have to test it in real-life conditions to get the accurate figure.

Power unit Piaggio Group
Continuous power3.5 kW
Maximum power4 kW
Motor torque
200 Nm (at the wheel)
Battery voltage48 v
Battery capacity86 Ah
Battery energy4.2 kW/h
CellLG Chem
Recharge time4 h*
Battery life
1,000 cycles (residual capacity 80%)
Battery weight25 Kg
Front tyre110/70 – 12”
Rear tyre120/70 – 11”

Here is complete walk-around of the scooter at the Auto Expo 2020.


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