Most of the Indian consumers are very thoughtful about buying a bike. Their main criteria that the bike requires better mileage and low-cost maintenance. Before the Honda Shine was introduced, Indian customers were offered with 100 cc bikes that gave good mileage and decent performance. After the introduction of Shine, customers got a high mileage efficient engine with a better performance. The bike was a perfect blend to the performance and mileage. This was the demand at that time and people took fancy to this bike. But is there more to the success of this bike. Let’s find out further ahead in the article


As earlier said that Shine does get a great mile efficient engine, but one more reason contributes to its likability is the refinement. The engine is very refined and linear power producing unit. The exhaust note is also very silent and we barely feel the vibrations. Thus offering good power and refinement, it really made the riding enjoyable. Now to describe specifications we’ll consider the latest CB Shine BS6. The engine is a 124 cc unit producing nearly 10.72 bhp and 10.9 Nm of peak torque. The engine is then mated with a 5-speed gearbox.

Maintenance and life

Considering the above power figure, it’s not much compared with the rivals. But one must note that as long as an engine produces optimum power, it will have a greater life and low-cost maintenance. That’s the mantra Honda has been following in each of its bikes. Most of us have often seen the decade-old Shine’s still running in good condition with the proper engine working. Yeah, but at the same time, other 125 cc bikes are barely seen on the roads that too in bad condition, sounds fair enough, right.


Most of us might not think this even reason. But we personally think that Honda actually knows who its customers are. So Honda Shine is made to look pretty simple and clean. This tends to attract the customers both from the city and rural India, who wants the bike that meets its practicality purpose. Honda Shine is equipped with much-needed features and does not get the fancy items. So to not disappoint the customer who needs some fancy features, Honda has also introduced an SP variant that fulfils the premiumness and sportiness.

2018 Honda -cb-shine-sp


The price point is one of the reasons for any of the vehicle or even the products success. Honda CB Shine comes at a very neat price point and does not violate the segment. That sounds fair enough for any buyer to get the hands-on the bike. For reference, the current BS6 Honda Shine model costs Rs 67,857 (ex-showroom). Other 125 cc bikes that compete against Shine are Hero Glamour and Bajaj Pulsar 125.


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