The TVS XL100 is the workhorse that has proved its mettle in every condition. This is a moped which has survived the wrath of time and it will keep on doing so. Currently, there is no other moped in the market and the TVS XL100 is synonymous with Xerox to photocopy. Now with the BS6 update, the TVS XL100 BS6 has become the most affordable fuel-injected two-wheeler in the market.

TVS XL100 BS6 Price

With the BS6 version of the moped out we can think about the price. The price of the vehicle was always a selling point for this vehicle. We hardly think anyone bought the TVS XL100 for its looks. The price is still kept under the expensive bar. The BS6 version of this moped gets an increase of only Rs 3,500. Although if we look at the updates this moped has got, TVS has really tried to keep the profit tight. At Rs 43,889 this scooter makes for a good deal. There are also 3 variants to the moped and they are as mentioned below.

BS6 TVS XL100Ex-showroom, Price
XL 100no update
XL 100 Comfortno update
XL 100 Heavy Dutyno update
Heavy Duty i-TouchstartRs 43,889
Heavy Duty i-Touchstart SERs 43,994
Comfort i-TouchstartRs 44,614

Previously there were 6 variants to this scooter. The only difference among variants we get is the additional fuel indicator and the electric ignition. Also the graphics of the bike are something that change but that is not something the buyers of this segment pay extra for.

TVS XL100 Mechanical Changes

The TVS X100 although remains the same mechanically it has become slightly more efficient. The moped gets Fuel injection and that helps in a lot of things. The Fi system on this bike is the Eco Thrust Fi system which is seen on other TVS bikes. With the Fi system in place, the throttle of the bike feels more crisp and consistent. The moped also gets better efficiency. The moped gets 2 main changes in terms of physical appearance. There is a new starter switch on the bike and there is a Fi or the engine light on the instrument cluster. The bike also gets a rev limiter light too.

TVS XL 100 BS6 ignition switch

This engine is the most efficient 100cc engine in the market. The engine is a 100cc engine and makes a power of 4.4 bhp and the torque is solid at 6.5 Nm. This makes the TVS XL100 a heavy-duty moped. The moped does not get any gear or transmission mechanism but it is a chain drive where the clutch is a centrifugal clutch. The company claims that there is a 15 per cent increase in the efficiency of the vehicle.

The TVS XL100 BS6 gets 16 inches spoke wheels at both ends and there is no tubeless option. The braking is done with a 110mm drum brake at both ends. The brakes are not the strongest on this moped but it does not need them as you will barely make it to the 80 km/hr mark. The engine has a strong mid-range and the moped can cruise at 60 km/hr all day long.

TVS XL100 BS6 Competition


If we look at the moped market then there is no competition for the TVS XL100. Also if we compare it with the non-gear scooters the price of the TVS XL100 is a place it wins. The only place where the TVS XL100 loses on customers is the instant power and looks. The moped looks outdated and it is not quick to keep up with the scooter. We hope that TVS brings in a higher cc moped in the market and competes with the scooter and makes things interesting.


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