Recently launched Tata Nexon EV has made quite an impact on the EV market in India. By offering a very attractive proposition, it made a stand out from other EV cars produced currently. Now to tackle the Tata Nexon EV, Hyundai is planning to launch an EV that makes the competition fairly tough enough. After the Hyundai first EV – the Kona, Hyundai certainly has now gained experience in the EV market. So we are expecting the upcoming Hyundai EV to be nicer value for money product.

The new EV will be made on a completely new platform. The platform will be made flexible so that it fits the conventional IC engine and a hybrid powertrain. The EV will be a compact SUV, so it will have similar proportions to the Hyundai Venue. However, the exterior design will be made to appear sporty and futuristic. You can get some hint by observing the sketches which are released by the manufacturer.


The most important term a customer is concerned while buying the EV is the range. Commenting on the range Kim, CEO of Hyundai Motors said that the upcoming EV will offer range between 200-300 kms. The range is quite practical and sounds similar to the Nexon EV. So we expect the motor to produce around 130-140 bhp max power and 250-300 Nm instant torque.


The upcoming Hyundai EV will have pretty upmarket features. It will be equipped by the sunroof, cruise mode, automatic climate control, auto headlamps and wiper. The much-needed feature for EV which is a traction control system is expected with the vehicle. Safety features will include multiple airbags, ABS with EBD, ESP and parking sensors.

The upcoming Hyundai EV will be targeted to the mass market so Hyundai is currently undergoing various discussions and negotiations with the supplier partners. The company will also be focusing on developing the EV ecosystem so that it cuts down the overall cost of manufacturing. The manufacturer is planning to build a battery manufacturing unit in India that will benefit in the future.

Prices and launch date

Considering the competition, we hope the pricing to undercut the Nexon EV which is currently priced at Rs 14 lakhs (ex-showroom). The Chinese manufacturing giants like Great Wall Motor and FAW are also planning to enter the Indian market. So it will be quite interesting to what the manufacturers will offer in the coming years. The launch date of the Hyundai EV is expected by 2022.


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