The Suzuki Access 125 has always been considered as the segment leader in the 125 cc segment for over a decade now. Based on the Access, Suzuki also launched the Burgman Street in 2018. It is quite confusing sometimes to choose between either. So the blog will guide you over these two motorcycles so that you may decide which is well suited for you.


Suzuki Burgman Street is a maxi-scooter, maxi’s are scooter which is used for cruising purpose. Generally, these scooters come with higher capacity engines. The Indian market does not meet this demand. So Suzuki decided to share the engine with Access 125. The body panels of the Burgman are quite bulky and gives it tremendous road presence. While Access 125 is more of a commuter type scooter and has classic or retro-looking style elements. Both the scooters get LED headlamp unit. However, LED taillamp unit is only seen on Burgman Street. However, we must say that both the designs look great in their respective segment.


The Suzuki Burgman Street and Suzuki Access 125 shares same 124 cc single-cylinder engine. The engine is, of course, BS6 unit and both bikes do have a fuel-injection system. So both the bikes will be producing around 8.58 bhp max power and 10.2 Nm peak torque. However, the Burgman Steet might see some of the drop in mileage and pickup due to added weight.

Suzuki Access 125


The wheelbase of Burgman Street is exactly identical to the Access 125 at 1265 mm. Both the scooters offer the same ground clearance at 160 mm, which is a good thing while tackling the Indian roads and speed breakers. The tank capacity is offered at 5.6-litres for both the scooters, which is quite decent. The seat height of Burgman is offered at 780 mm, while Access offers at 773 mm, that means Burgman Street will be quite uncomfortable for shorter riders. The Burgman has increased weight of around 7 kgs compared with Access 125 due to bulkiness of body panels. Overall height, width and length are more for the Bugam compared with the Access due to difference in design language.

The disc brakes for the front wheel are standard for the Burgman, while the Suzuki Access has disc as an option. The suspension duty for both the bikes is managed by the telescopic suspension at the front and hydraulic monoshock at the back. The twins are offered with the 12-inch front wheel and 10-inch rear wheel. It kind of seems unproportionate on Burgman Street due to its bulkiness.


The Burgman Street gets a fully digital instrument console which looks sporty and stylish. While the Access gets analogue cluster with MID, which still does the job. The Burgman Street gets detached handlebar from the headlamp assembly unlike the Access 125. The Access 125 does get upper hand in terms of storage space which is offered at 21.8-litres while Burgman gets 21.5-litres. However, Burgman gets an additional storage compartment at the front where you can charge your phone. Both the scooters get the combined braking system as standard.

Overall, from the comparison, we have to say that if you travel long distance very often then Burgman Street would be a better choice because it offers a very nice cruising posture and highway rideability. On the other hand, if you ride long distance very occasionally and mostly your commute is in the trafficked streets then one should look forward to the Access 125.


Burgman Street is around Rs 10,000-13,000 premium over the Access 125, depending on variant. The pricing of the Access 125 starts at Rs 64,500(ex-showroom), while Burgman Street costs around Rs 77,900(ex-showroom). The other bikes which you can consider as an option are TVS Ntorq and Honda Grazia.


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