TVS Ntorq is a sporty 125cc scooter which has taken to the masses appeal. Till last year there was no strong contender to the TVS Ntorq, this year things might change with the entry of the Yamaha Ray ZR. The Ray ZR is an updated version of the Cygnus Ray which was previously a 110cc scooter from Yamaha. The Ray ZR is now a 125cc scooter with BS6 compliance and here is how it fares head to head with the TVS Ntorq.

TVS Ntorq Engine

The TVS Ntorq gets a 124cc engine. This engine makes a power of 9 bhp. It is also fuel-efficient with 57 km/l of mileage. The engine has a throaty exhaust note and it gets a good bass. The scooter feels faster because of the exhaust note than it actually is. The TVS Ntroq also gets 3 valve engines. This makes the throttle response sharp which give it good handling. There is a good amount of torque of 10 Nm. This is helpful for the CVT gearbox and makes it feel not that stressed under load conditions.

Ray ZR Engine

The Ray ZR on the other gets a 125cc engine. It is a SOHC 2 valve motor. In this sense, it lacks behind the TVS Ntorq’s 3 valve motor. This engine is a BS6 engine and it is newly developed. It generates a power of 8.2 bhp. This power might not be enough for load tasks but as it is a fibre body scooter the power to weight ratio of the scooter is good. The Ray ZR makes a torque of 9.7 Nm. The scooter gives a mileage of 66 km/l.

Design comparison

The TVS Ntorq has a very sharp design but now it has become dated. With the new and updated design for the Race edition, it gets a LED headlamp and Racing decals. The new colour scheme makes it look sporty and powerful. It gets a dual-tone apron and the headlight is mounted on the Apron. The seat also gets red stitching to make it look to sport. The lines are sharp and it also has a dual-tone wherever possible.

Yamaha Ray ZR 125

The Ray ZR us a very recent introduction to the scooters in India. The Design is like a Ntroq vent for a diet. At places, you can see the scooter to be shrunk. It gets a transparent visor. There is also a rally edition of the scooter and it also gets knuckle guards. The knuckle guards are completely a cosmetic update. The rear design of both the scooter is very radicle. The Ntroq gets the rear design which resembles the Lamborghini Aventador. The Design of the Yamaha Ray ZR has an m shaped taillights. Overall the design is a very subjective matter of choice.


The price of the Ray ZR is from Rs 60,000 to Rs 70,000. The TVS Ntorq was seen with a price tag of Rs 72,455. This is post BS6 price and for Rs 2000 more the deal for the TVS Ntorqs seems for a lucrative. But we can also look at this as a new scooter being cheaper than a scooter that has been in the market for a long time.


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