Honda Activa is a scooter which has been around for quite a bit of time now. This scooter has changed the non-gear scooter game in India.

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Activa is the name that has been synonymous for any type of scooter in India. The scooter has got its fame because it replaced the Honda Kinetic in India which was a fairly successful scooter but had to be discontinued because of the emission norms on the two-stroke engine. The name Activa is what a layman uses for any type of non-gear scooty in India. With success like this for so many years, Honda has introduced updates on the Activa at crucial times. And you have come to the right place to know more about all the Honda Activa Generations.
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Currently, the scooter is in the 6th generation. This is in-line with the BS6 compliance that has been introduced this year. The company has moved very ahead with this scooter and we can finally say that Honda has once again nailed the product. But first, let’s start with the first generation Activa.

Honda Activa Generation 1

The Honda Activa 1st gen was a vehicle which was a very basic looking scooter. It shared its looks with the gear scooter Eterno 150.
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The scooter was very basic and offered the only customisation in terms of colour and a spare wheel. The footboard of the scooter was spacious and it also had a spacious seat. The scooter has a metal body and there is still a notion that the scooter is considered more durable than the current generations in terms of bodywork. This is one of the most successful out of all Honda Activa Generations. It had a top speed of 80 Km. The 109cc engine is good for its competitors. It got a very basic instrument cluster. This was launched in the year 2001 and it revolutionised scooty in India.

Honda Activa 1gen Honda Activa Generations

Honda Activa 2G

The Honda Activa 2G was launched in 2009. This means it was launched 8 years ago. This gave Honda a good insight into what people wanted from the Activa. All this leads to a product that looks modern and gives the scooter an upmarket feel. There were many changes on the scooter which made it stand out more than other competition scooters. The engine capacity was also increased and the scooter got more power. The scooter also became safer with a combi-braking system.
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The instrument cluster was changed to a much better-looking unit. The Honda Activa 2g was where Honda nailed the design. There were some features that the scooter missed.

Honda Activa 3G

Honda Activa 3G was introduced in 2015. This got tubeless tyres and got Honda’s new HET engine technology.

The Honda Activa 3G got some slight changes. It did not get alloy wheels yet. The Honda Activa 3G will be a product which was perfected in terms of features.
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A few flashy colours were introduced to make the scooter in trend with the new colour trends. The Activa 3G is where Honda realised that the design was not to be changed further.
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Activa 4G

The Honda Activa 4G scooter was launched in 2017. This was launched for the BS4 engine. The scooter did not see any new changes. The Honda Activa Generations got the least amount of updates in the 4G model.

Honda Activa 5G

The Honda Activa 5G was introduced to launch a few new colours and improve the build quality of the scooter. Also, the new key tumbler was introduced which let the user open the seat with the help of a button. The Honda Activa 5G also got some updated light setup with a LED white light at the front and the rear tail lamp was also redesigned.

2020 Honda Activa 6G Front three quarter

Activa 6G

Today Honda Activa 6G launched it commercially. This was the most significant update to the Honda Activa range. One of the most extensive changed scooter out of the Honda Activa Generations was the Honda Activa 6G. The body of the scooter was changed in terms of dimensions. The length of the scooter was increased. Basically it got the body of the Honda Activa 125.

Also an external fuel filler lid was introduced which had been missing for a long time now. The engine also got a significant update. It got Honda’s ACG which made the engine very silent while starting up. The Fuel injection system on the scooter made it feel smooth and comfortable. The scooter got a 10% increase in fuel efficiency and also the power went up. This makes the Honda Activa 6G the most improved scooter.

Honda Activa 6G Honda Activa Generations

Here is a complete review of the BS6 Honda Activa 6G


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  • Is not Generation 1 was fitted with 102 cc Engine ? Please correct.