The BS6 version of the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650cc bike is going to be launched soon. Dealers have already started accepting bookings for the bike. The major changes would be in the performance of the Interceptor BS6 in terms of its power output which will be a bit lower than before as is this case with most bikes shifting from BS4 to BS6 and also better driveability while also costing a bit more than their BS4 variant. Below are the full specifications of the bike to give you a detailed idea about it.

BS6 Interceptor performance

The performance drop is not that significant and will not be noticeable. The precise drop in power is 0.2 bhp and produces the same 46bhp as before. There is no precise number for the change in the torque output for now but that is also expected to go down. It is powered by a parallel-twin engine which is a 650cc one. The Interceptor BS6 will produce 46.78 bhp at 7,150 rpm. The previous BS4 version produced 46.97 bhp at 7,250 rpm. But Royal Enfield claims that it has improved the overall driveability of the bike, by providing most of its torque at a relatively lower rpm. It will produce 80% of its torque from as low as 2500 rpm. This will surely help the bike in its city performance for quick overtakes since is not known to be exactly nimble due to its weight disadvantage.

Royal Enfield Interceptor

Mechanical specifications

On the mechanical front, the Interceptor BS6 has a fuel-injected powertrain that is assisted by a slipper clutch which will be available with a 6-speed gearbox. The suspension on the bike is telescopic forks on the front and twin springs at the rear and will also come equipped with disk brakes.

BS6 Interceptor dimensions

There have also been some design changes and the overall body of the bike has got a lot of dimension changes. The length of the BS6 Interceptor has been reduced from 2122mm to 2119 mm. The width has been increased from 744 mm to 745mm and the height has been increased from 1024mm to 1067 mm.

Pricing and launch

The price increase for the BS6 Interceptor will be around Rs 10,000 more than its BS4 version which is expected to not affect the sales significantly. The BS4 Interceptor costs Rs 2.65 lakhs to 2.86 lakhs depending on the model you get. The BS6 version would, therefore, cost Rs 2.75 to 2.96 lakhs. Deliveries are expecting to roll out from next month itself and it will compete against the Duke 390. You can check out our review on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 below:


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