Mahindra Bolero has been ruling the segment for almost two decades now. It has never seen grief in the sales in all these years. Rather has been a cash flow machine for the Mahindra even today’s date. It sold around 7,233 units last months and was 3rd top seller SUV in the chart. So why does it actually sells so much, Here are the 5 big reasons why people still love it.

1. Exterior design

The exterior design is a key fundamental of any cars success. The Mahindra Bolero has distinctive styling among the rivals. It looks like a traditional SUV with the boxy design, which is classy anyway. The doors of the Bolero have the outside hinges just like the classic SUVs. It gets the big wide front grille with the Mahindra’s signature styling. It has the side skirts for easy access towards the inside. You also get scooped out wider fenders to have the muscular styling, and can easily fit wider tyres. Overall, the design is very classy and rugged. Now as I have speeled word ruggedness, let’s see the second point.

2019 Mahindra Bolero

2. Ruggedness

The MahindraBolero is the only SUV in the segment that has a body on frame chassis. Yes, you read it right, the Bolero offers high strength from the bottom so that you don’t have to worry about touching it from below. The ground clearance of the vehicle is more than sufficient for the Indian roads, offered at 180 mm. The vehicle comes with the leaf springs at the rear so that it could bear more amount of load and stress during offroading. But it decreases the overall ride quality of the vehicle, of course sometimes you have to lose something precious in order to gain something priceless.

3. Road Presence and Versatility

It is really surprising, the Bolero is just under 4 meter in length and still has the greater road presence than the rivals. The Bolero is the only vehicle in the segment to offer seven-seats and sideway trunk opening the door. the SUV is used for various different purposes, it is used to carry big sacks mostly by the farmers, and urbanites use it for people movers and various different purposes.

4. Resale value

Now, most of us will not consider this as a factor. But, truly Mahindra Bolero has very nice resale value. The SUV almost gets 50-60 percent resale value even after the 7-8 years, that is really surprising. Now the reason behind this resale value is that it is offered with the really basic interior and hardware bits, but it stays good for a pretty long period. Mahindra’s brand value and service network is also one of the reason. The engine also is very reliable and has the ‘torque-y’ nature, which offers adequate performance for the real world.

5. Price

Yes, of course, the price is again an important aspect of any vehicle. The pricing of the Mahindra Bolero is really very attractive, starting at Rs 7.49 lakhs(ex-showroom). The possible competitors we could think of in terms of the pricing are the Maruti Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon and brand’s itself XUV 300. Mahindra will soon be launching the Bolero in the BS6 avatar pretty soon, with some mild tweaks.

You can watch our review of the Bolero below.


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