The most exciting car at the Auto Expo surely was the Tata Sierra, it literally was a show-stealer at the Tata’s pavilion. The Tata Sierra is a special car for the ’80s and 90’s kids, it has been an iconic SUV due to its distinctive styling. It has surely got a place in the automotive cultural memory of India. Now, to celebrate the 75th year of Tata Motors, the brand is thinking to bring the Tata Sierra back but now as an EV. As the Expo model was a concept, the blog will be all about speculations that will possess in the production model.

Infotainment System

The concept model of Sierra has no infotainment screen at all. However, there was a slot on the dashboard where you can put your smartphone or tablet and then the smartphone or tablet will work as the infotainment screen. Not totally but almost, the idea can be really implemented into the production by having a kind of smart connectivity feature, which we have already seen on some of the production vehicles.

The Floor

The floor of the Tata Sierra EV concept was fully flat and had the wooden plywood on it to resemble the dunes. However, the wooden plywood is expected to be replaced by some other practical material and will be designed to resemble the dunes. The production model will continue to have a fully flat floor as the car is an EV.

Window and Door

The concept model of the Sierra had the signature wraparound rear glass, but now with more area covered. The production version is expected to have very similar glass element but will have an option to close it. The concept model had the sliding door for the second row, and we believe it to have in the production as well. Now, this speculation is made due to the recently launched Kia Carnival, which also possesses the sliding door mechanism, and has amazingly gone hit in the market in terms of sales. However, we have a bit uncertainty of single-door design, but we hope this design for the production version as well, as it will surely stand out from the crowd.

tata sierra

Seats and interior theme

Front seats in the concept model were rotatable, however, the production model might not possess the rotation feature. The second-row seats have very serious uncertainty, as they are very unique with the L-shaped seating position. It will be interesting to see whether these seats do come to reality or somewhat closer. The interior theme, however, will be much or less similar to the concept with the white and plush design to give it the airy feel.


The powertrain will be much bigger than the recently launched Nexon EV. It is expected with more than 40 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and more powerful motor around 150-200 bhp. The range is expected to be around 400 km plus on the single charge.


Well, the exterior will be near to the concept model as Tata has proved this with Nexon, Harrier and upcoming HBX. It will possess the inspiration from the original Tata Sierra and have modern elements. You can watch our walkaround video on the Tata Sierra EV to have a more clear idea of the exterier design.


The pricing of the Tata Sierra EV is expected in the range of 20-25 lakhs(ex-showroom). The closest possible rival we could think of is the MG ZS EV. It is expected to go on sale by 2023, so Sierra fanboys will have to wait for a lot for this beauty.






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