Only two days of Auto Expo are remaining, and it would be confusing for an auto enthusiast to find out the best stalls at the Expo. So here is our list of top 5 stalls you should visit, which eventually will be worth your time.

Tata Motors


Of course, as it was expected by many auto enthusiasts. Tata has humongous stall with around 26 vehicles which includes commercial vehicles, electric vehicles, passenger cars and concepts. The vehicles are beautiful, and you will definitely love the concept models as well. The main highlight of the stall is the ‘Tata Sierra’, and you will surely lost in the 90s for a moment.


Hyundai tucson

Hyundai stall also has nice and pretty vehicles. The stall has multiple camera setups and different kind of exciting stuff, that makes the stall look stylish. The cars they have showcased includes Nexo, i30 fastback N, and much other exciting vehicles. You will definitely enjoy the Hyundai stall for sure.



Renault has lots of activities for the audiences. They will surely engage you in any of the Renault’s activities. It will be a quite fun and entertaining stall for an auto enthusiast. It is the must visit stall for an individual.

MG Motors


MG motors have also showcased lots of international models. The whole theme of set is made to replicate the streets of UK(London). If you ever visited London or watched in films, you will be mesmerized by the set and theme MG had made. There is also an ismart technology center, where you can talk and interact with the system . You will have a good time there.


Mahindra funster

Mahindra stall also has wide range of vehicles including concepts, electric vehicles, passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. This stall is also a worth your time and is a sure engaging stall, you must visit. Every Auto enthusiast must come and visit the Auto Expo 2020, held at Greater Noida.


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