You might still remember the old Tata Sierra which was discontinued by Tata a long time ago. It was one of the only estate cars at the time and it did get a fair share of success once upon a time. Tata has surprised us by showing a concept MPV and has named it the Sierra. The looks are very futuristic on the inside as well as outside and this car was attracting the most amount of attention at the Tata stand in the Auto Expo. Moreover, with Tata planning to emphasise on its EV plans for the country, it will bring this car out as an electric. Read on to find out more details about this exciting car.

Tata sierra

Tata Sierra design

One look at the front grille and you realise that it is an electric car as the grille does not have any opening for the air to go into the engine. From the front, the Tata Sierra gets a mini Tata Harrier look which was also seen on the Tata HBX. The body gets a muscular look with massive skid plates on the front that have the Sierra badging on them. From the side of the Tata Sierra, you can still spot some similarities to the previous car with the rear of the car being extended so as to make it an estate. The rear side is divided into two glass panels that are bordered by a piano black colour which gives a good contrasting look to the car as it is overall white in colour.

It also gets similar-looking alloy wheels as is seen on the HBX, therefore this wheel design is something that we could see on Tata cars of the future. Since it is a concept car it gets stuff like massive skid plates, big wheel arches and a camera in place of a side mirror. Most of these elements are not expected to be carried forward in the production car. In the rear, it gets one LED strip that follows the width of the car and is placed high up above the logo. The badging of the Sierra is also the same as is seen on the impact 2.0 design by Tata.

tata sierra

Interiors and platform of the Sierra

On the inside, the first thing you will notice are the mini shrub-like elements that are placed to remind you that it will be an electric car. The overall dashboard design is very futuristic and the steering wheel also looks very cool but since it is a concept car there will be many changes to this car on its production spec. The passenger can turn all the way back. The rear doors will be sliders and they have been given a slide to open touch-sensitive feature. The rear seat layout is L-shaped with there being wooden flooring and it gives you a feeling that you are in a lounge rather than a car. The Tata Sierra will be based on the new Alfa platform that is seen on the Altroz although it will be slightly tweaked to meet the requirements of the car.

It will indeed be interesting to see an MPV electric car in the market and let’s hope that Tata retains many of these features in the actual car. Check out our walk around of the car:


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