Hero Passion made the debut in 2001. It was initially made to replace Hero Splendor. But following the success of both the bikes, Hero produced many other 100cc bikes- Hero Deluxe, I-Smart. Hero’s 100cc segment got many fans in all these years due to its reliability. Hero has dominated the 100cc segment for two decades. Hero Motors found that the market was shifting towards the 110cc segment. So they launched the Hero Passion Pro 110. To know about the variants of the Hero Passion scroll below

It was initially hoped that Passion pro 110 will get fame due to its predecessor’s success. But things did not go well because of the increase in competition. Also, product design had become outdated. The company came up with a major overhaul to the product with the Passion XPro. Now the Passion Pro 110 is sold as a variant to the Passion series. The sales have improved and here are the 5 reasons below.

1. Power

Hero Passion Pro 110 has 109.15cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine producing max 9.3 bhp at 7,500 rpm and 9 Nm peak torque at 5,500 rpm. While the Passion Pro i3s 100cc makes 8.2 bhp at 8,000 rpm and 8.05 Nm peak torque at 5,000 rpm. Hero Passion Pro 110 makes 1.1 bhp more power and 1 Nm more torque than Passion Pro i3s. You get more low-end torque and a higher top speed over the 100cc model. The power is delivered to the wheels using a 4-speed gearbox. We can expect a 5-speed gearbox option to compete with the Bajaj Platina H-Gear

2. Seating position

Hero Passion Pro 110 has low seating position than Hero Passion i3s and maintains the same ground clearance. It is good indeed for average Indian rider. It has better seat than its 100cc version. This also is because the tank on the 110cc bike is a bit more raised and gives a dip to the seat. Also, the seat is wide and flat which is expected by a commuter class motorcycle. The seat gets proper cushioning which makes long commutes less tiresome. This will let you cruise more effortlessly than the lower 100cc variant.

3. Mileage

According to the customers, the average real-world mileage of Passion 110 is 59-60 Km/l. This mileage is very close to Hero Passion i3s which offers 61-62 Km/l. Considering the change in power it is very splendid mileage.  With the upcoming BS6 model this vehicle will get a fuel injection system. This will make the bike smoother in terms of fuel delivery. Also, the mileage of the vehicle will be increased because of the regulated fuel supply.

4. Looks

The Hero Passion Pro 110 has much more appeal than the regular Passion Pro i3s. It has much sleeker design over the Passion i3s. It gets attractive graphics and rear tail lamp design. It also gets chrome treatment at the end of the exhaust. With the tank has been raised and this also adds to the design lines of the vehicle. If compared with the older passion the new design looks more trendy and fresh.

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5. Price

The Hero Passion Pro 110 is priced at Rs 56,800(ex-showroom). While Hero Passion Pro i3s is priced at Rs 56,075(ex-showroom). The price difference is around Rs 800 which is very low considering the features you get over the Hero Passion i3s. Other features remain the same to Hero Passion Pro i3s such as semi-digital instrument console, telescopic suspension, disc brake at the front, etc. Hero Passion 110 competes against TVS Star City Plus, Bajaj Platina 110 and Honda CD 110. Also there will be a price hike with the BS6 version of the bike.


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  • Which is better mileage n comfort between Super splendor i3s Vs Bajaj playing R

  • Waste product from Hero. Vehicle design is not considered for all the climate. When rainy the rain water straight away coming from front wheel mudguard and rain water reached riders thigh level due to design detect. Riders should wear half pant without shoe to avoiding the rain or drainage water on legs.
    Also same problem for pillion seat, due to worst design pillion s dress fully getting wet. I had splendour+ for almost 13yrs, but this product not designed without considering customers needs.