In August 2017 Bajaj and Triumph have let out the word that they would enter into a global partnership. Both these manufacturers have given declared that they will be holding a press conference in January to announce this partnership. To know more about the exact date and what to expect out of Bajaj Triumph alliance scroll down below.

How will Bajaj Triumph alliance benefit?

From this Bajaj Triumph alliance, Triumph will get the advantage to reach a global audience. They could make products for the emerging new market. With this partnership, they can get target high volume segments like the single cylinder and 300cc segment. Bajaj will also benefit from the brand image of Triumph. This will allow Bajaj to introduce its products under the British brand’s name. This Bajaj and Triumph Joint venture will let both these company venture into each other’s strengths.

Triumph will get the advantage of accessing frugal engineering and low-cost labour with the help of Bajaj. Bajaj will take Triumphs experience in making a mid-capacity bike. This might be a twin-cylinder which might bridge the gap between the 600cc and 400cc. This bike might give the best of both worlds. There might be the genesis of 2 new bikes from each manufacturer as it has done with KTM. This might compete with the Royal Enfield 650 Twins. The retro-modern design of the vehicle might be seen which triumph has done with the Thruxton and Bonneville.

What to expect from Bajaj Triumph alliance?

We might get 2 motorcycles from this alliance. But these will be from the same segment. Both these companies specialise in Sporty and relaxed tourers. But Bajaj has created a fair amount of sporty vehicle with KTM. This makes the entry of a relaxing tourer of a cruiser much more likely. Also, Bajaj has announced their alliance in the lazy riding space. The bikes will be based on modern classics like the Bonneville and Thruxton. They have been extremely successful products worldwide. Triumph has recently updated their line with 900cc engine which makes space for smaller engines.

The main advantage to Triumph is the Bajaj expertise of the making cost-effective vehicle. This will lower the price of the vehicle by making use of lower-cost labour and manufacturing in India. In 2014 Triumph has shown some interest in developing in a 250cc motorcycle. With the BMW venturing in the 300cc segment with G310R and G310GS. These bikes have been developed in a similar fashion with TVS. Triumph could also sell this low cc vehicle in new emerging markets.

Bajaj’s plans

Bajaj has been clearly trying to beat Royal Enfield’s fast-growing market share. They made a small attempt with the Dominar but it went sideways as the bike was of a different segment. With the greater experience in making Classic bikes, Bajaj could churn out a rival to the 650 twins of the Royal Enfield. This might be seen done by making a smaller and sportier engine.

Expected launch

The bikes are expected to launch by 2021. According to the previous alliance of KTM and Bajaj in 2008, the bike turned out in 2011. Also with TVS and BMW alliance in 2013 the bike was pushed in 2015. But there is one thing that we can say for sure that the bikes in this alliance will be unique products and it will be a task to beat them. Now with the BS4 to BS6 transition keeping manufacturers busy we do not expect a completely new product. But there are rumours of a 250cc Dominar in testing. Will this be the Triumph launch? Or will the bike come after the Euro 5 emissions norms? To know more details stay tuned for the Bajaj Triumph Alliance on 24th January.


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