Yamaha has disappointing news for the people who were waiting for the BS6 Yamaha R3. The bike will not be updated and it will be discontinued when the BS6 deadline comes close. The new updated version of the vehicle will not make it to the market until 2021. The current bike is Euro 4 compliant and that will not be seen with an update as the bike can be sold with the current engine in the international markets.

Recent Updates on The Yamaha R3

In the year 2019, the bike had been updated with a new suspension. The bike also got a new look that was inspired by the current generation R15. The R3 with the old suspension setup is said to be softly sprung. The new suspensions are from Kayaba. These offer much more sporty experience. There has been no update to the engine. The engine still produces 42 bhp of power which is not much for a parallel twin 300cc engine. Also, the Exhaust note is not that impressive. The pricing of the bike is high and for a lower price, the KTM RC 390 offers a much better deal. This has resulted in poor sales of the vehicle in India. So to update the vehicle for such a low volume product does not be feasible.

2018 Yamaha R3
2017 YZF-R3

When will the updated R3 arrive?

The Yamaha India will not be bringing the Yamaha R3 this year. We can only expect the bike to be updated in the year 2021. The bike will be seen with the BS6 update directly and the engine will get a massive change. The India spec model will see some cost-cutting in terms of the tyres and switches. This price will still stay above the price of the single cylinders. The bike will remain the premium offering from Yamaha. The only thing that might change will be that the price will be justified by the performance of the vehicle. The price will be around Rs 4 lakhs.

What is the current status of the Yamaha R3?

The Yamaha R3 was launched at the Auto Expo 2018. This was the BS4 update but it was launch because the bike was discontinued the BS4 emissions deadline. The Yamaha R3 has a 321cc engine. The bike gets a 298mm disc brake upfront along with a 220mm disc brake at the rear. The bike being a premium offering we expect it to have all-digital instrument cluster but the bike skips on it with a digital-analogue instrument cluster. The current price of the vehicle is 3.48 lakhs (ex-showroom)


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