Royal Enfield has trademarked the Meteor name in Europe. This let tells us that the company might bring back the bike which was previously sold. Also, the Royal Enfield Meteor Minor was at the top of the Royal Enfield lineup then. This has led us to 3 main questions regarding the plans of Royal Enfield. Read further to find out why does the name ring so many bells?

What was the Royal Enfield Meteor Minor?

The Royal Enfield Meteor Minor was a twin-cylinder engine. It was an almost 700cc engine. The Royal Enfield Meteor Minor was the framework concept for the Royal Enfield Continental GT and the Royal Enfield Interceptor. Now the with the registration of the name for a bike and apparel there is a chance for the bike to make a comeback. Now with the Royal Enfield Continental GT and the Royal Enfield Interceptor, the lineup misses out on the bobber style of the bike. In the year 2018 Royal Enfield had showcased the concept of a bobber HX. The older Meteor was somewhat similar to the bullet. It can be said that it was a higher cc engine version of the bullet. The difference between the classic and the bullet will be something that can be said as the difference between the Meteor and the Interceptor 650.

What will be Royal Enfield Meteor?

With the new 628 parallel-twin engine in hand, we expect things to go smoothly for the development of the Meteor. To make it into a bobber they will have to take the same frame as the Interceptor and lower it and increase the rake angle. Also, a single-seat setup will give it the look of a bobber. The bike will have twin exhaust as the old meteor but they won’t be upswept as the Continental GT. Instead, we expect the Meteor will have slash-cut exhaust pipes which end where the rear wheel starts.


This styling will take cues for the Royal Enfield HX. The HX platform is built of a Vtwin engine. The engine cavity will have to be reduced and the compact engine of the 650 will be made to fit snugly. The bike will be a take on the pricing of the Jawa Perak. With the surprising pricing on the 650 twins, we can expect Royal Enfield to localise parts to cut down the cost of the bike.

Will this replace the Bullet 500?

Now if the bike resembles the Meteor Minor then it straightaway looks like the bullet. It will be the perfect replacement for the discontinued Bullet 500. The retro design on a decently powerful engine makes more sense than getting a BS6 engine for the Bullet 500’s old engine. The places where the company will cut corners will be tyres and the other hardware of the bike.  Besides this, the wheels will be alloys of usual spoked wheels as on the Classic 350. This bike will be like a mix of the Bullet 350 for design and Interceptor 650 for engine and underpinnings

The bike is expected around the end of the year. As the name registration is done in Europe. As Royal Enfield is trying to expand its global lineup there is a shift of expectation for the bobber than a bullet-style motorcycle. We will have to wait for the company to reveal some more information or some spyshot to be confirmed about the product. If you are planning to buy a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 but are confused if you should go for something comparatively economical as the KTM 390 then this video is for you.


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