The future for the Honda Navi and Cliq has been axed by Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India. The Company has confirmed that they will not be given BS6 upgrade. They will not be a part of the India Portfolio from April 2020. These both mini scooters have not been getting good sales figures. There makes no sense for the company to invest more in these vehicles which won’t bring back returns. The company will stop the sale.

Honda won’t stop manufacturing!

Honda Motorcycles will not stop the manufacturer of the vehicle. These will be sold in export markets. The Honda Navi has got a good number of sales in Latin American countries. Completely stopping the manufacture of the vehicle will not be good as the export sales are good for this vehicle. The President and Chief Executive, Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India had said that in February last year that not all vehicle in the lineup will get a BS6 update. He also had confirmed that the Cliq will not get a BS6 update. 

Why did the Honda Cliq fail?

Honda Navi has the same engine as the Activa 11. This is a single-cylinder engine which produces 8bhp of power. The peak torque of the vehicle is 8.96 Nm of torque. The lightweight of the Navi and bike like seating posture gave it a slightly better feel in performance than the Activa. The Navi was designed and developed by Honda Motorcycles and Scooter India. The Honda Cliq was a bit of an odd design and it was not really pleasing for buyers. Also, it was priced at Rs 44,753 – Rs 51,047.  At this price point, people prefer buying other conventional-looking scooters. There were no special attractive features for this scooter except for its design which is also debatable. This is why the Honda Navi and Cliq could not gather proper sales figures.

Honda Navi and Cliq

The company has recently come up with a new BS6 engine for the Activa 6g. This indirectly suggests that the company had an engine ready for BS6. The company also has previously launched the BS6 engine on the Activa 125. Now Honda Motors India has 3 BS6 products including the SP125. All these new products have a new silent start function which makes use of ACG. 

To know more about the Activa 125 do watch our complete review. Also, take a look at the Walkaround of the Activa 6G BS6. 


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